Five magical skills in Xuanhuan novels

As the protagonist of Xuanhuan novels, he/she must have many special skills. Below we list five examples.


“Tales of Herding Gods”

“Tales of Herding Gods”

In fact, the protagonist in “Tales of Herding Gods” is very strong because he can resurrect others. But to say whose skill is the most magical, the protagonist is still inferior to Da Zun. Da Zun’s skill is to worship enemy and his enemy will die immediately.


“Cultivation Chat Group”

“Cultivation Chat Group” : Song Shuhang

Everyone who has read “Journey to the West” knows that girl country has a mother river, and anyone who drinks water from it will be pregnant. And Song Shuhang from “Cultivation Chat Group” also has a similar skill, called the strong identification. Whoever is stared by him will be pregnant immediately. This is really a suffocating skill.


“A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality”

“A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality”: Han Li

Han Li’s strongest skill is not “running away”, but his “giving others bad luck”. His third senior fellow apprentice went to help him and was destroyed. He went to visit Qi Yunxiao, Qi Yunxiao was killed. He went to visit Xin Ruyin, Xin Ruyin lived just for a few years.


“Spare Me, Great Lord!”

“Spare Me, Great Lord!”:Lu Shu

The biggest weakness of Lu Shu in “Spare Me, Great Lord!” is that he can’t make plans by himself. Everything he planned beforehand will end in failure. On the contrary, under the circumstances of blindness and savageness he will succeed. And his most amazing skill is “denounce other people to upgrade”. As long as he collects the anger of others, he can steadily upgrade, no bottleneck at all.


“Confucianism and Taoism are the most sacred”

“Confucianism and Taoism are the most sacred” : killing enemies by writing

In this novel, whose poems and songs are well written can be distinguished at a glance because of the criterion of “talent”. Text is no longer just a symbol of talent, it has become a strong weapon to kill the enemy. Some idioms such as “talking on paper”, ”lip-gun-tongue-swords” and so on have also become specific attacking skills. It is really amazing.

What other magical and funny skills have you seen in Xuanhuan novels? Please leave your message.

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