Why is “Spare Me, Great Lord!” so hot?

Web novel ”Spare Me, Great Lord!” got 270000000 clicks on Qidian! Why?


“Spare Me, Great Lord!” author Ren He

The basic routine of Xuanhuan novels is to upgrade the monsters and make the protagonist beat them. And compared to Wuxia novels, the protagonist makes much more adventures. There is only a small number of authors who take time to remake the overall layout of the Xuanhuan novel. So basically they read all the same.

The readers will be tired when they read more. How to innovate is a big problem in writing Xuanhuan novels

In fact, the setting of the protagonist in the Xuanhuan novels has been changing. The earliest Xuanhuan protagonists are images of righteousness, such as Li Qiang of ” Piao Miao Zhi Lu “, Zhang Xiaofan of ” Zhu Xian “, etc. And later the image of the protagonist gradually becomes selfish. I have to say that the novels at this time have been very suffocating, full of hatred. What’s more, some protagonists become a complete villain, such as Gu Yue Fang Yuan in ” Master of Insects “.


“Master of Insects”

The protagonist in”Master of Insects” is more like a demon. The transformation of the protagonist’s image is an innovation, but it looks like that the road is getting narrower and narrower. It is obviously a dead end. Of course, there is another innovative way of writing, that is, the protagonist becomes very funny.

Recently, the most popular web novels “Spare Me, Great Lord!” and “Cultivation Chat Group” probably belong to this type. In particular, “Spare Me, Great Lord!” is often ranked first in the monthly voting on Qidian. Its writing technique is worthy of reference. Below we take a look at the reasons why this novel is so popular.

First of all, this Xuanhuan novel combines several popular settings, such as ‘Magical energy has come to this world’, systemic text, and teasing. Needless to say, this is the setting used by Chen Dong’s “The Sacred Ruins” at the beginning. The systemic text is that the protagonist carries a system with him, which is the main power of the protagonist. Teasing makes the reading experience enjoyable.


Chen Dong’s “The Sacred Ruins”

Secondly, the novel weakens the routine of upgrading and fighting monsters, it focuses on playing the in-joke. We all know that the biggest routine of Xuanhuan novels is to upgrade the monsters, and then change the map crazily. The protagonist of “Spare Me, Great Lord!” uses a good way to avoid this. There are also upgrades, but not many of them are related to the main plots. The novel has only changed one map, from the earth to Lu Universe. As for the in-joke, there are a lot of gibberish pieces in the novel. In fact, playing the in-joke is not so easy. If you use the old in-joke, the reader will say that you have no new ideas. If you use the new in-joke, it’s very time consuming as it is more difficult to write in-jokes than to write a novel.


“Spare Me, Great Lord!” English Cover

One more reason, the protagonist’s setting is very pleasing, and the reader can be very relaxed. Lu Shu, the protagonist of “Spare Me, Great Lord!”, is neither righteous nor cruel, giving people a feeling of ” awkward “. Especially after he gets the system, he must denounce other people every day and then use rage value in exchange for upgraded items. A bit awkward, a bit lovely, no big ambitions, such a protagonist makes readers feel relatively easy.


“Spare Me, Great Lord!” Chinese Cover

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