Why do many top writers leave Qidian?

It should be noted that many great writers choose to leave Qidian for other web novel platforms after being famous.

When Feng Huo Xi Zhu Hou(烽火戏诸侯) wrote “Chen Er-Dog’s Evil Life”, there was a conflict between him and Qidian, so he finally left for Zongheng, a web novel platform backed by Baidu!


“Dragon Talisman” by Meng Ru Shen Ji

As the top writer of Qidian, Meng Ru Shen Ji(梦入神机) finally left for Zongheng too. And he explained that he could not stand the oppression of Qidian.


Silkworm Potato

Phenomenal write Silkworm Potato also chose to leave Qidian. At that time, Silkworm Potato seemed to be very unhappy with Qidian, which also led to “The Great Ruler” a sudden ending. Fans are heavily disappointed.


The Great Ruler

There are many other top writers who left Qidian like this, and the superficial reason why they choose to leave seems to be because they can not stand the oppression of Qidian! But the underlying reason is that when Qidian signs a new writer, they will offer a buyout of all his/her copyright, including games, movies, animation and other copyrights, at a relatively low price, otherwise the writer will not be signed!


“Confucianism and Taoism are the most sacred”

Eternal flame, the author of “Confucianism and Taoism are the most sacred”, once said he was deceived by Qidian. All the copyrights are in the hands of Qidian, he worked for Qidian for nothing.

And we all know that copyright is the most valuable part of web novels. Subscription of the web novel itself, is not much money. Film, television and animation copyrights are the most valuable, but many new writers do not have the right to speak in the contract. This lead to that they cannot make their own decisions on their own works!

One more reason why these top writers left Qidian is because they don’t think their works got publicized enough. After all, Qidian has too many top writers, it cannot offer equal support for each top writer.

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