Ye Fan or Shi Hao, Who is Stronger

“The Perfect World” is a hot Xuanhuan novel. Although Chen Dong has finished the book for a long time, the enthusiasm of “The Perfect World” remains unchanged. Many roles and plots in “The Perfect World” and “Shrouding the Heavens” are related.


Chen Dong

But it’s controversial on the strength of the cultivation realms among readers. When the status of “The Perfect World” was still ongoing, many fans of “Shrouding the Heavens” believed that the power of Red Dust Immortal (Hong Chen Xian) is enough to fight Immortal King (Xian Wang). But this is not true.

First, Shi Hao is the strongest Red Dust Immortal (Hong Chen Xian).

There are many Red Dust Immortals (Hong Chen Xian) in “Shrouding the Heavens”. Can these red dust immortals fight immortal king just like Shi Hao did? The answer is obviously not. Shi Hao is a red dust immortal who has undergone the dharma-ending tribulation and the dharma-creating tribulation.

Ye Fan, Duan De lived nine generations. Shi Hao lived nine generations too. But Ye Fan and Duan De did not experience immortal ascension tribulation, nor did they create a new law. Most importantly, they did not practice the law of immortal emperor to reinforce immortality forever.

So Shi Hao is the strongest red dust immortal. Ye Fan can only rank after Shi Hao. After all, Shi Hao’s talent is the best in the world.

Secondly, red dust immortal’s strength cannot be greater than quasi immortal king’s strength.

Red dust immortal is a real immortal in the ending law era when it is impossible to become an immortal. Although it is far more powerful than ordinary immortals, red dust immortal still belongs to the realm of immortals. The relationship between ordinary immortal and real immortal is just like that of ordinary people and genius. But as we all know, Shi Hao has attained the level of quasi Immortal King after he experienced the immortality tribulation and creation of the law.

To sum up, the strength of the red dust immortal is between the ordinary immortal and the quasi-immortal king. Shi Hao is stronger than Ye Fan.


Shi Hao

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