The heroines in Chen Dong’s novels all have a unified title?

Chen Dong’s novels have been deeply loved by his readers. The popularity of his novels is entirely inseparable from his writing style. His Xuanhuan novels are almost all of big scenes. Although the fighting scenes are not as fierce as the martial arts novels, they make people feel a majestic momentum!


 Chen Dong

There are many suspenses in Chen Dong’s novels. Every few chapters there will be some suspenses, so that readers cannot guess the development of the plot. One suspense at a time is the greatest charm of his novels. The reason why “Shen Mu (Divine Grave)” could be so popular in those days is that he started the Xuanhuan suspense style of writing.


“Shen Mu (Divine Grave)”

Of course, in addition to suspense, Chen Dong’s novels have other good points. For example, the portrayal of female characters is also excellent. The heroines are very delicate, sometimes they can make people feel a kind of inexplicable sadness! Like Qin Yao and An Miaoyi in “Shrouding the Heavens”, readers can feel sad from the bottom of their hearts. Although their death did not stir up tempestuous waves, it made readers have a kind of wet feeling soaked by spring rain.


“Shrouding the Heavens”

But Chen Dong’s novels are somewhat complicated in style. Sorrows and happiness are often synchronized. If all the heroines are heartbreaking, then this kind of novel is doomed to failure, because its style is too similar! So in Chen Dong’s novels, there are some women who make people feel sad, and there must be some women who make people feel dumbfounded.

Long Wu in “Shen Mu (Divine Grave)” makes people feel a little sad. But another heroine, Meng Ke Er, makes the whole book full of happiness.


Perhaps readers who often read Chen Dong’s novels should notice that many times the heroines in Chen Dong’s novels have a unified title: my kid’s mother.

In the “Shen Mu (Divine Grave)” , an immortal master flirts with pregnant Meng Ke Er. Then Chen Nan says, “Do you know who she is? Although she is not my wife, but she is my kid’s mother.”


“Sacred Ruins”

In “Sacred Ruins”, Chu Feng calls Qin Luo Yin as my kid’s mother.

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