From “Rise of Humanity” to “Tales of Herding Gods”, Zhai Zhu is still on his quest

Before we introduce Zhai Zhu, let’s talk about one of his works: “Rise of Humanity” .


“Rise of Humanity”

The opening of “Rise of Humanity” is very exciting. The wars between humans, demons and gods are especially fascinating. In a desolate and barren world, the gods and demons are rampant. The humans rise to fight. This offers a feeling of great shock. The totem concept of cultivation in the novel is also interesting. The protagonist makes many enemies. Zhai Zhu often flips the plot at the thrilling place, which is very exciting. You just cannot stop reading.

On the whole, “Rise of Humanity” has a grand setting with rich imagination, a complete story line, intensive conflicts. With the development of the plot, readers can fully feel the exciting adventures with the protagonist. For example, the protagonist Zhong Yue went to the moon, found that the moon was actually hollowed out! Afterwards, he felt the spirit of the Golden Wu on the sun. He faced with the siege and hunting of the monsters, and killed his enemies one after another.


Zhai Zhu

Zhai Zhu is very good at keeping the plot pace. In a chapter of not more than 3000 words, the author can suppress the protagonist three or four times, so that the protagonist can counterattack. This makes plot very vivid and refreshing.

Many of the supporting characters in the book are portrayed with flesh and blood. The plot is complex but not too complicated to make people feel frustrated.

However, in the view of Zhai Zhu, “Rise of Humanity” is not a success, nor a failure. Because it is not straightforward enough. The topic is somewhat heavy, and the novel’s early achievements are not that good.


“Tales of Herding Gods”

When Zhai Zhu’s new novel ,“Tales of Herding Gods”, went live online, it attracted many more readers. Having learned the lessons from “Rise of Humanity”, Zhai Zhu has made some changes in the new novel. He tried to find the perfect combination of the story and straightforwardness, so that the readers can easily enjoy the novel and immerse themselves in the magnificent stories.

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