The good and bad of “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”

“Forty Millenniums of Cultivation” by The Enlightened Master Crouching Cow is a famous title on Qidian. But it is not too hot.


“Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”


When you see the name of the novel, you will think it’s a Xianxia novel. But actually it’s a science fiction. When I first read the novel, I thought the author chose the wrong category of novels on Qidian. A Xianxia title is listed in the science fiction category.



Only after reading the novel you will realize that the author meant to write a science fiction from the very beginning. Or this is a science fiction with the appearance of Xianxia. The author tells the story of a new civilization, a very real civilization, which sometimes feels like it is actually happening somewhere far away from us.




So why this book is not that popular?

Though its details and coherence need to be improved, this novel has basically met all the requirements of top writer’s work. But it’s lost in conception of world. It can only be said that the author’s understanding on cultivation is too narrow and too limited.

In this novel, It’s not the point that the protagonist is limited by the states and patriotism. The point is that the people around constantly instill the narrow patriotism into the protagonist.

Take some of the more recognized works as examples. In “A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality”,“Renegade Immortal” and “Swallowed Star”, the protagonist’s way of cultivation is not limited by a country or sect at all. The protagonist has a bigger vision. He firmly believes that he can go further. At the same time, he did not abandon “patriotism”. He would do his best to salvage at the moment of survival and death of the race.


“A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality”


“Renegade Immortal”


“Swallowed Star”

Other than that flaw, writing is pretty solid in this novel. The protagonist has distinct personality, flesh and blood.

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