“Human sovereign” by Ten Steps Way

There is a novel that can be compared to “Shrouding the Heavens”, the quality is also very high. That is, “Human sovereign” by Ten Steps Way. The grand setting of this Xuanhuan novel is similar to that of “Shrouding the Heavens”.

“Human sovereign” is a story of the rise of a generation of people. The grand world setting and magnificent scenes are the greatest highlights of the novel. In this barren and desolate world, human race can only trust themselves, because the rest are all enemies.


“Human sovereign”

The content is very exciting. It got many praises from readers. But its plot collapsed in the second half of the novel. The protagonist was written dead by the author.

Xiao Yi, the protagonist of this book, fight for a new world for human race. But Xiao Yi is not as lucky as Ye Fan, who can be revived after the dark turmoil. He became dust in the fight. The hero struggled all his life, not only did he fail to kill the villain, but he was also killed by the villain. This really disappoints the readers.

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