Er Gen’s new novel: “Three Inches of the World”


Er Gen

Readers of Er Gen should know that Er Gen’s new Xuanhuan novel “Three Inches of the World”(San Cun Ren Jian) has been at the top of the Chinese web novels list for a long time. His earlier works such as “Renegade Immortal”, “Pursuit of the Truth”, “I shall seal the heavens” and “A will Eternal” bring tons of fans to him.


Renegade Immortal



Pursuit of the Truth



I shall seal the heavens



A will Eternal

“Three inches of the World” has also been given a great deal of expectations, so it also takes for granted to occupy the number one of Qidian recommendation list. The novel is set in the Federal Age of the Great Unity of the Earth. A bronze sword piercing the sun releases the long-sealed spirit of the earth, and opens a spiritual era in which everyone is a miner.


Three inches of the World

The well-qualified people of the earth practice the ancient cultivation using shattering parts of the debris that fall into the earth after the sword penetrates the sun.

According to plot of the ongoing novel, in this Xuanhuan universe, the first two realms are ancient martial realm and true breath realm. In the Spirit Breath Village, Wang Baole and the excellent disciples of the four Daoist Academies practice the ancient cultivation to search high-order spiritual roots, so they can break through the ancient martial realm and enter the true breath realm.

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