The Most Expensive Subscription on Qidian

Nowadays, the charging of web novel is based on five cents per thousand words, which is totally acceptable. After all, a chapter is only two cents. I know writing novel is not easy, so there’s no need to save a little money to read pirate copies. But for some novels, I just want to say that the price is astounding.

There’s a book called “Bring a farm to live in alien world”, which is the most expensive book for a full subscription on Qidian.


“Bring a farm to live in alien world” by Ming Yu

This is the longest novel at present, with a total of 28 million words!

A full subscription will cost you 1356.32RMB (196 USD) ! Of course, this book is not something worthless. The author spent 10 years to write 28 million words.

What I want to say here is that I hope everyone respects every author. Maybe not all of us have so much money. But we should try our best to support those authors who really work hard, whether they are the top writers or the newcomers.

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