How do Main Characters Pass Through Time and Space in Web Novels?

In web novels, whether it is an alien continent or a mysterious world, the protagonist can pass through time and space to it actively or passively due to variety of causes. The more common ways of passing through are cliff jumping, car accidents and so on. As for the less common ways of passing through, there are more.

There is a novel called “The Legend of The Earth Sovereign” by Gu Du Piao Liu. I believe that those who have read this novel will never forget how the protagonist passed through the realm of the earth sovereign and became a mountain god. The protagonist, Ye Guxin, drank a little white wine when he was going to his parents’ graves. Then he could not help telling his parents a lot of his dissatisfaction. Unexpectedly, a white smoke suddenly came out of his parents ’ graves. Then Ye Guxin was brought to the realm of the earth sovereign by this smoke and became the lowest grade Mountain God.


“The Emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty”

There is another novel called “The Emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty”, in which the protagonist was killed by thunder after stealing a melon, and finally his soul traveled to the Northern Song Dynasty. It seems that this sweet melon is very unusual.


“Tang Bricks”

In “Jie Yu 2”(孑与2)’s novels, the main character’s passing through is very weird. For example, in the novel “Tang Bricks”, Yunye said that he was walking on the desert, and then lost his way, walking from the twenty-first century to the Tang Dynasty.


“The Wisdom of the Great Song Dynasty”

In “Jie Yu 2”’s “The Wisdom of the Great Song Dynasty”. A portal emerged in the playground for no reason. Then the protagonist Yun Zheng foolishly pulled himself to enter and traveled to the Great Song Dynasty.

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