Is the Haotian World in “Nightfall” Actually the Earth in the Future Generations?



In the final part of the book, Sang Sang asked Ning Que whether the new world is the one that Ning Que came from. Ning Que said that it should be. I think he is right and here are a few proofs.


Ning Que


1. Environment of heaven and Earth

“Nightfall” (Jiang Ye) by Mao Ni is a soul traveling novel.

From the various signs in the book, it shows that it’s about time travels rather than space travels.

In the end, new world will eventually become an unsuitable place for cultivators as Spirit Qi gradually disappears. In the future generations, this also led to the saying that the earth immortals had ascended. At the same time, the disappearance of the spirit of heaven and earth also provided the necessary conditions for future scientific and technological civilization.

2. Myths and Legends

In the ending of the novel, Ning Que talks about that maybe many years later, the stories of himself and his friends will be regarded as myths and legends. In fact, just as Ning Que said, “Li Manman passed down three thousand words of Dao in Han Gu Guan” corresponds to the legend of Lao Tzu Hua Hu in earth myths and tales. And the “God World of Haotian in the heaven” corresponds to the Heaven and the Jade Emperor in earth myths and legends.


Li Manman


The mythological system of the earth was established by Taoism in China. In the book, is Xi Ling Religion Taoism? Li Manman corresponds to Lao Tzu, the founder of Taoism. There are also some details about Buddhism, which correspond to Buddhist legends of later generations. It can be seen that Mao Ni had buried a lot of foreshadowing at the beginning of the novel. And they were revealed in the ending.

3. Birth of the Moon

There’s an old saying in Chinese: It will be a long night without birth of Confucius.


And Headmaster of the Academy (Fu Zi)


There’s no moon in the Haotian world. Headmaster of the Academy (Fu Zi) transformed to the moon to defend the world. At the end of the book, the moon transformed by Headmaster of the Academy blocked all the extraterrestrial meteorites for the blue planet and saved all living beings in the new world, which is in line with the relationship between the earth and the moon. In particular, the moon is smashed and potholed. Is this the moon today?

And Headmaster of the Academy (Fu Zi) corresponds to Confucius.

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