Three Characters in “Cultivation Chat Group”


“Cultivation Chat Group”

Have you ever imagined that one day you would suddenly meet a group of cultivators?


Song Shuhang

Song Shuhang, the protagonist of the “Cultivation Chat Group”, has realized this dream. Web novel author Legend of the Paladin tells us this story. Song Shuhang accidentally joined a cultivator chat group and changed his life. The novel is full of humor. You won’t stop once you start. Today we are going to talk about three impressive characters in this novel.

Copper Trigram Immortal Master

Copper Trigram Immortal Master’s nickname is Calculator of Black Trigrams. His divination result has never been accurate. But if viewed in an opposite way, it is terribly accurate. If he says you are lucky, you must beware. Song Shuhang nearly died after copper trigram’s good divination result. And copper trigram is a master of disguise, no one knows his true face. Are you afraid of such calculator of trigrams?

Mad Sabre Three Waves (Thrice Reckless Mad Saber)


Mad Sabre Three Waves

Mad Sabre’s famous saying is that the wave is no more than three. Three waves who do not seek death must be fake three waves. His dao name,”Three Waves” ,reminds himself not to try to find death three times in a row, because it might be too dangerous for him.




Don’t be surprised. The name of the senior is one word: White (Bai). White is handsome and charming. He can attract countless Taoist friends from all over the world, regardless of gender or race. Moreover, the luck of white is unprecedented. Whatever he needs will come down from the sky. According to him, “Short of spirit stone or money? You can pick up a lot when you go out. “

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