The Cultivation Realms in “Shrouding the Heavens”

Wheel and Sea Realm
1. Sea of Bitterness
2. Spring of Life
3. Divine Bridge
4. Paramita

Dao Palace Realm
1. Heart’s Divine Depository
2. Lung’s Divine Depository
3. Liver’s Divine Depository
4. Spleen’s Divine Depository
5. Kidney’s Divine Depository

Four Pole Realm
1. First Heavenly Layer
2. Second Heavenly Layer
3. Third Heavenly Layer
4. Fourth Heavenly Layer

Dragon Transformation Realm
This realm is composed of nine changes.

Immortal Platform Realm
1. Half-Step Supreme Being
2. Supreme Being
3. Supreme King
4. Half-Step Saint
5. Saint
6. Saint King
7. Great Saint
8. Quasi-Emperor
9. Great Emperor

Beyond the Ninth level of Immortal Platform Realm is Immortal. It is also called Red Dust Immortal.

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