Great Emperor’s Different Titles in “Shrouding the Heavens”

Great Emperor is the highest sub realm in Immortal Platform Realm. At this level, the cultivator makes perfect combination of the five secret realms.


But Great Emperor has different titles in different eras.

In mythological era, Great Emperor is called Celestial Being. For example, there are Tribulation Celestial Being and Carefree Celestial Being.

The Undead Sovereign became the Sovereign in the end of the mythological era. He changed the title from Celestial Being to Sovereign. From then on, primordial era started. In this era, the cultivator reached Great Emperor sub realm would be called Sovereign.

In the following desolation ancient era, the people who reached Great Emperor sub realm began to call themselves the Great Emperor, which has continued ever since.

The Heavenly Emperor is a title rather than a realm, because his/her strength is so strong that there’s a need to produce a title to distinguish him/her from ordinary emperors.

Ye Fan became Heavenly Emperor.

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