King of Soul Music in “Cultivation Chat Group” Sends Millions of People into the Hospital

The characters in “Cultivation Chat Group” have distinct personality. Almost everyone is very funny.

Dharma King Good Fortune is a cultivator from Fighting Buddha Sect. He has a strong body and loves singing. But his singing was terrible. The listeners would tremble, foam and feel powerless and nauseous. It is almost impossible for anyone to fall in love with his singing. Even the cultivator could not stand it.


Dharma King Good Fortune

Dharma King Good Fortune’s wish is to tour the world. He has already begun to implement it. As a result, millions of people were sent to hospitals. However, because of the possession of Good Fortune Fairy, the Dharma King Good Fortune’s song has a ray of voice of heaven, and has the effect of breaking away the demons of the heart, so somehow he becomes the favorite of cultivators.

His goal is to make everybody in the world tremble under his songs when he becomes the Eighth Stage Profound Saint. Are you afraid?

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