Celestial Being Predator Appears in “ The Sacred Ruins”

Celestial Being Predator starts to appear onstage in the new chapter of “The Sacred Ruins”.

From the content of the latest chapter, we can find several strong evidences to prove the identity of this person, and the source of this evidence is also closely related to “Shrouding the Heavens”.


“Shrouding the Heavens”


First of all, Celestial Being Predator is very aggressive. He only kills cultivators above the level of Celestial Being.

In mythological era, Great Emperor is called Celestial Being. For example, there are Tribulation Celestial Being and Carefree Celestial Being.

He/she absorbs brain marrow, bone marrow, soul light and so on, which is based on the fact that these cultivators above the level of Celestial Being are full of blood and essence.

Secondly, once these celestial beings are locked in, they will almost certainly die, but their status of death is very familiar. The bodies will grow black hair or red hair. Is this the same thing Source Emperor did in “Shrouding the Heavens”? And Source Emperor is actually the reincarnated Cao Yusheng or Duan De.

Third, Celestial Being Predator knows the existence of three-life medicine and has been searching for it painstakingly. In “ The Perfect World”, Shi Hao, the desolations’s heavenly emperor, saw such a picture in the burial ground before he became an immortal emperor: A Taoist with a big black dog was struggling to find three-life medicine, and they all had injuries on their bodies. They looked almost desperate and their eyes were bleeding and tearing. This is a scene Shi Hao saw in the future, so he left the fragments of three-life medicine and the rotten wooden sword.


Shi Hao in “ The Perfect World”


Now, it seems that Celestial Being Predator should have something to do with Duan De. It might be Duan De’s soul image.

At the beginning, Shi Hao dug the rotten wooden sword from the burial ground, and that is three-life medicine, which can make people evolve or save their lives. Now the rotten wooden spear in the hands of Chu Feng is made of the same material, which is why Celestial Being Predator appears in front of Chu Feng.


Chu Feng in “The Sacred Ruins”

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