Lin Tianhao in Er Gen’s new novel: “Three Inches of the World”

In Er Gen’s new novel “Three Inches of the World”, the protagonist named Wang Baole, has a dream, that is, to become a federal president.


“Three Inches of the World”

As a child, he read a book called “Autobiography of Senior Officials”. After various efforts, so far, he has been promoted to a city owner in Mars Realm. At the same time, as a novel of immortal cultivation, the protagonist is also an immortal cultivator. So far, Wang Baole’s cultivation has broken through to completion of foundation.

In the early period of the novel, there is a villain called Lin Tianhao.

As the first villain in the novel, Lin Tianhao’s means of dealing with the protagonist is quite despicable. He sent a team of assassins to assassinate Wang Baole, the protagonist. Fortunately, Wang Baole is hard-working and lucky. It seems that he got the help of Wang Lin’s pet mosquito (from another novel of Er Gen), and finally he killed the assassins.

And Lin Tianhao also seems to have some luck. Fortunately, in the early stage of the novel, the protagonist’s strength is not very strong. And Lin Tianhao’s father is also a wise man. He knows how to educate his son. Of course, more importantly, Wang Baole, the protagonist, is able to fight for his own fortune. Later, Lin Tianhao was subdued by Wang Baole’s strength, or frightened by Wang Baole, and from then on he was no longer antagonistic to Wang Baole, and even voluntarily became Wang Baole’s subordinates. It can be said that Lin Tianhao is a lucky villain!

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