TV Drama “Nightfall” Season 1 Episode 1 Plot

Every thousand years, when king of underworld came into the world, the world became extremely cold, fell into darkness, everything was exhausted, and human beings could not walk, it was for the eternal night. There is Spirit Qi between heaven and earth. Only a few people can perceive the Spirit Qi of heaven and earth with their minds. They are cultivators.

The world’s cultivators come from several sects.

Haotian Dao, worship Haotian, and establish a divine kingdom in Xiling.

Devil Sect, which broke up from Hao Tian Dao and believed in king of underworld, was forbidden by the world, and was expelled to the Arctic wasteland.

Tianqing Sect operates in the corner of the world, avoiding the suffering of the world and realizing the Spirit Qi of heaven and earth.

Experienced the last eternal night, Headmaster of the Academy (Fu Zi) established academy in Tang.

Fifteen years ago, the great priest of Xiling Hall of Bright asserted that the son of the underworld was born in the capital city of Tang, causing bloody storms. Fifteen years later, the Red Bird (Zhu Que) , who guarded the capital city of Tang for thousands of years, woke up late at night. Unknowable people in the unknowable places of Haotian world hold fables and look for the traces of the underworld, waiting for this catastrophe on earth. One boy and one girl in Wei City will eventually set out to rewrite the uncertain fate of Haotian…

One day in the fifteenth year of Tianqi, the desert was scorched by the sun. The golden horizon was connected with the clear blue sky and filled with the whole picture. The clumps of willows in the endless sand sea are becoming more and more pale and tenacious under the hot yellow sand waves.


Ning Que

Far away came the sound of firm and powerful hoofs. Seven fierce horses came running along the sand ridge with seven elite cavalry. Not far away from here, Ning Que, a young man from Wei City, who claimed to be a firewood cutter from Shubihu Lake, was sleeping on his arms in the soft desert, as if everything in the world had nothing to do with him and was at ease. The galloping horse team awakened the sleeping Ning Que. It’s the time to cut firewood (rob horse thieves). The teenager quickly climbed onto the horse’s back, with firm and sharp eyes, slightly raised corners of his mouth, pulled up the brown wrinkled shawl and drove the horse away.

On the desert beach, The Tang cavalry met a group of fallen corpses. They were about to look forward. How could they know that the dead man disguised by the horse thieves turned over and was a sneak attack? The Tang cavalry was ambushed. In an instant, behind the high, low and rough rocks, a group of horse thieves with bows and arrows sprang up quickly, shooting sharp arrows incessantly, and horse thieves pretending to fall jumped up and launched fierce attacks on the cavalry with machetes.

A horse thief threw a sharp fork at Ning Que’s horse. Quickly and precisely, the horse fell to the ground, and Ning Que also fell off the horse’s back. When he got up again, the teenager looked around, and his companions were chopped down by the horse thieves who flocked to him. He cut down the horse thieves who flew to him fiercely and decisively.

Two years ago, the King of Golden Tents married Princess Li Yu of Tang in order to maintain a better relationship between countries. In the fifteenth year of Tianqi, Li Yu, the princess, had to be buried alive because the King of Golden Tents passed away. On the night of the funeral, the princess’s maidservant pretended to be the princess, but was found by the court of the Golden Tents. They chased the princess in the moonlight. Lu Qingchen, a cultivator, rescued her with a flying knife. The princess went to Wei City as a maidservant to avoid the pursuit.


Princess Li Yu of Tang

The sky in Wei City was bright, and a young man on a black horse was approaching in the hazy skyline. Ning Que came back, and the garrison general Ma Shixiang took the lead in seeing Ning Que coming back. Ma Shixiang was the benefactor of Ning Que and Sang Sang. He rescued them from the dead. He took Ning Que as his own son and looked like his father.


Sang sang

Hearing the news of Ning Que’s return, Sang Sang rushed with withered branches on her back. Her eager eyes finally found Ning Que in the crowd. She grinned and shouted at young master Ning Que with a reassuring grin. Sang Sang was rescued by Ning Que from the heap of dead people. They grew up together. Short and black Sang Sang usually has a tough mouth, but she is very diligent in taking care of Ning Que. It can be said that young master Ning Que is all Sang Sang cares.

In the Hall of Haotian, the Debate Conference on the Graduation of the Oracle Court is ongoing. Prince Longqing of Yan wore white clothes, his black hair was scattered against his fair and graceful face, and he accepted the argument of the oracle. Prince Longqing was forced by his father to come to Xiling as a cultivator when he was young. Now he has a small reputation in Xiling. When asked about the approaching of eternal night and how the world should be, Longqing responded indifferently, saying that he believed in the eternal light and the eternal Haotian. His theory of light attracted the priests of the Hall of Bright. The chairman believed that Longqing has sophisticated talent, but no power to tie the chicken. He asked Longqing to pass the examination of the three divisions before he could enter the Hall of Bright. The practice is to go to the wilderness, looking for the location of the Devil Mountain Gate. Before departure, he went to Xiling Youge Pavilion to see Wei Guangming, the great priest of Bright, who had been imprisoned for fifteen years. Wei Guangming warned Longqing that it was dangerous to go to the wilderness. But Longqing firmly expressed his determination to find the son of the underworld and help Wei Guangming leave Xiling Youge Pavilion as soon as possible.

In the evening of Wei City, the sunset was beautiful, and Sangsang cooked noodles for Ning Que who was taking a bath.

Princess Li Yu, disguised as a maidservant, came to the Wei City Border Pass and asked Ma Shixiang to provide a guide to help her cross the Minshan Mountains. Ma Shixiang arranged for Ning Que to accompany the escort.

Ning Que came to Ma Shixiang’s house the night before his trip, and they talked like father and son. Ning Que analyzed the trace of the princess carriage knife cutting and arrow shooting, knew that the carriage had been attacked, inferred that there was someone inside the palace to harm the princess, this time there must be dangerous, he did not want to die so he did not want to go. Ma Shixiang told Ning Que that the Academy he wanted to go to answered his letter. Two months later, he can take the Academy exam. Ning Que grabbed the reply happily, but was unwilling to escort the princess. But when he learned that Lu Qingchen, a great cultivator in the upper realm of Dongxuan (know the profound world), will accompany him, he jumped up and said yes..

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