TV Drama “Nightfall” Season 1 Episode 2 Plot

Ning Que’s conversation with General Ma was clearly heard by the princess waiting outside the door. She pushed the door open, indicating that she needed a shrewd and competent guide, not the little ruffian who only had a dream of cultivation and full of rude words in front of her.


Ma Shixiang and Ning Que

General Ma was so eager to recommend Ning Que that he quickly pulled the princess and the cultivator Lu Qingchen to count Ning’s achievements. When General Ma said Ning was qualified for the Academy Examination, the princess reluctantly agreed. After the princess left, Ma Shixiang breathed a sigh of relief. The glittering tears in his eyes were beating against the candle fire.

In the capital city of Tang State, the palace is covering the sky and shading the sun. The palace city is magnificent, solemn and peaceful, displaying a vast atmosphere completely different from the desert. That night, above the magnificent hall, Empress Xia Tian was lighting candles. Her brother, General Xia Hou, a strong, upright and bold, Iron-blooded hero, suddenly visited and warned that Princess Li Yu had fled Golden Tents. When she returned to the palace, she would take Xia Tian’s life. Xia Tian and Xia Hou are from Devil Sect and both are high-ranking cultivators.

At this time, Li Qingshan, the master of Tang State, visited King of Tang Li Zhongyi late at night. He suggested Li Zhongyi send someone to bring princess back quickly.

Late at night, Zhuo Er, a good brother of Ning Que, tracked Xia Hou who had left the palace. Unexpectedly, he was injured by Xia Hou’s flying knife on the way. Fortunately, he was saved by Chao Xiaoshu, the master of Fish Dragon Gang, and was warned that he was not Xia Hou’s opponent.

It was late at night, and in Ning Que’s room, Sang Sang pouted her mouth and did not want to go to the capital city of Tang. It was a headache for her to think that people in the capital city were not familiar and she had to spend a lot of money on purchasing things. Ning Que had to sell his beloved big black horse, which had just been conquered, and got money to dispel Sang Sang’s worries.


Ning Que

At night, Sang Sang suffered from chills. Ning Que threw the liquor to Sang Sang as usual, and covered Sang Sang’s feet with body temperature.

The next morning, Sang Sang and Ning Que finally left for the capital city, Sang Sang shed tears reluctantly. Ning Que had not gone far yet. General Ma came to see him off on his old horse. Ning Que was cool in his mouth, but he was very reluctant in his heart. Being afraid of the loneliness of General Ma, Ning Que gave his beloved lizard to him.

Lu Chengjia is called the “flower idiot” in Peach Hill in Xiling. She asked if the Longqing beside him could not go to the wilderness with anxious and worried eyes. She knows that there must be many traps waiting for him.

Luo Kedi, the ruler of Judgment Division, known as the strongest among young generation of Xiling, will not be able to tolerate the much-loved Longqing.

Longqing smiled and said lightly that he would go to the Arctic wilderness to pick snow lotus for her. Lu Chengjia knew that Longqing had decided to go, so he stopped admonishing him. At this time, Xiling Judgment Division and its subordinates discussed how to kill Longqing in his trip to the wilderness.

Luo Kedi’s ambition goes beyond that. He vowed to kill all the people in Hall of Bright and completely eradicate the Wei Guangming Party.

The Princess and her party stopped at the North Mountain. Ning Que decided that it was unsafe to camp here and feared horse thieves. He suggested that they should change to Huaxi Road. However, the princess refused to listen. Ning Que and Sang Sang were ready to leave alone. They knew that it was not easy for them to survive, so they could not die easily.


Xia Hou

Sure enough, a group of people soon met the killers sent by Xia Hou. Ning Que was defeated by a strong man. Seeing this situation, Lu Qingchen went out to overthrow the strong men. But Xia Hou sent an abandoned disciple of the Academy to fight them. The abandoned disciple used the skill of Devil Sect to absorb the energy of heaven and earth into his body, and fought against Lu Qingchen. At this time, Ning Que slowed down and shot him with a boxwood bow. Although this abandoned disciple has the ability to absorb the Spirit Qi of heaven and earth, after all, his body is like ants, which eventually exploded and died, and turned into a mass of flames scattered.

The master of Tang State, perceived that his chess game had changed, and knew that there were non-cultivators who had changed the chess game. The Tang State was bound to set off a storm. And the center of this whirlpool will be this Shubihu Lake firewood cutter with a boxwood bow and three mending knives…

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