Nine Secret Techniques in “Shrouding the Heavens”: Person

Person Secret Technique was created by Longevity Celestial Being.


Longevity Celestial Being

Longevity Celestial Being lived thru the mythological era, the primordial era, the desolation’s ancient era, the post-desolation’s ancient era. He was the master of the immortal hill and the owner of the underworld for a short time. Dark turmoil has been launched, devouring billions of lives. He made numerous attempts to pursue immortality, in which he has lost humanity.

Unfortunately, Longevity Celestial Being has gone astray and confronted the protagonist. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to die with such powerful recovery skills.

Person Secret Technique is a secret healing method. Ye Fan was beaten to death during the turmoil, but he still relied on blue lotus and Person Secret Technique to recover. Half of this secret technique is from the pages of Phoenix Blood Red Gold with classical Chinese scriptures and half is from Ye Fan’s deduction.

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