TV Drama “Nightfall” Season 1 Episode 3 Plot

The three horse thieves saw three knives and boxwood bows and recognized that he was Ning Que, a famous horse thieves killer. They just wanted to take the opportunity to slip away. Ning Que shouted at them and repeatedly declared that he wanted to kill the horse thieves who harassed the border of Tang State. Then he asked them for liquor on their waist and wanted to drink with the three people. They were already frightened out of their minds, so they gave the liquor to Ning Que and fled without looking back.

Li Yu’s son Xiao Man thanked Ning Que for saving his life. Ning Que could not help but thinking of his childhood.

In order to thank him for saving her life, Li Yu promised him a good future. He would rather go to the Academy to study with Fu Zi. Li Yu remembered her mother fifteen years ago. Before she died, she told her to teach her younger brother well and become a good emperor in the future, just like her father. But the King of Tang married Xia Tian and made her queen. Li Yu inadvertently saw Xia Tian conjured magic to the King of Tang. Xia Tian also found Li Yu. Li Yu was frightened and ran away.


Ning Que and Li Yu

Li Yu opened her heart to Ning Que, and she will never forget the legend of the eternal night. At that time, the herald spoke to the King of Tang. He predicted that Li Yu would dominate the world and cause chaos in the court. The King of Tang was so angry, he drove the herald down, and ordered anyone who dare to speak up will be convicted together.

When Li Yu left the Golden Tents, she worried about her younger brother Hun Yuan.

After calling her name, Ning Que felt that her name was very pleasant. Li Yu kept telling Ning Que stories, but he fell asleep on Li Yu’s shoulder. So they snuggled together and fell asleep.

The next morning, Hua Shanyue from Gushan County brought people to pick up Li Yu. Li Yu was overjoyed. She had not seen Hua Shanyue for two years. She just wanted to leave with him. Ning Que woke up. He made it clear that since seeing Li Yu, he had always wanted to say something.

At the same time, Xia Hou rode out of the capital city, was stopped by Xu Chongshan, the head of the guard, and took him into prison. Later, the King of Tang came to the prison, banished all the guards, beat Xia Hou violently, and condemned him for sending a killer to assassinate Li Yu. Xia Hou showed him his loyalty and painstakingly defended that everything was for the benefit of the King of Tang. The King of Tang was furious.

Xia Tian rushed to beg King of Tang to let his brother Xia Hou go, on the pretext of being used by Xiling people. He promised that Li Yu and Hun Yuan would be regarded as her own sister and brother. Xia Hou insisted that the arrival of Li Yu would cause great chaos in the world. King of Tang warned Xia Hou that if Li Yu could not come back safely, he would die in prison. Then the king went away without looking back.

Xia Tian knelt and begged Xia Hou not to take risks for her.

After Xia Tian left, Xia Hou could not help but recall that Xiling priest Wei Guangming rushed into his barracks and exposed Xia Hou and Xia Tian were a boy and a girl who survived twenty years ago. They were both from Devil Sect. Wei Guangming proposed that as long as Xia Hou killed the son of the King of Underworld, their identities would be kept as secret.

Lu Qingchen came to Ning Que voluntarily to verify his suitability for cultivation practicing, but found that Ning Que had no sense of Qi Sea and Snow Mountain. He concluded that Ning Que would never become a cultivator. Ning Que felt rather depressed. He could not help recalling that when he was young, he wanted to ask a cultivator to become his teacher. His statement was similar to Lu Qingchen’s.


Ning Que and Sang Sang

At night, Li Yu let Sang Sang send a pot of wine to Ning Que to keep him out of the cold. Ning Que was confused and had a nightmare. He still dreamed of a butcher and a drinker. What they said was that it was going to be dark. Ning Que was scared to wake up. He couldn’t understand why. They were the two people in his dream from childhood to adulthood, and they said the same thing.

Longqing and Zi Mo soon arrived at the Arctic wilderness. Longqing let them all wait in place. He rode to the woods alone. Longqing saw a kid dressed as a hunter playing with stones there. Longqing curiously went to look at them. Suddenly, several hunters surrounded Longqing from the woods. Zi Mo asked the hunters the location of the Devil Sect Mountain Gate. Hunters explained that only the elders knew it. They knew nothing about it. Zi Mo killed the hunters. He also wanted to kill the kid. Longqing stopped him. Longqing wanted to appease the kid, but the kid spit on his face.

Ning Que brought a book to Lu Qingchen for advice. Lu Qingchen taught him several terms in cultivation. Ning Que asked why he often dreamed of sea. Lu Qingchen teased him that he must often wet his bed.


Ning Que

The Minister of Qingyun Division of Tang Kingdom was killed at night. Li Peiyan, the prince of Tang Kingdom, sent a thorough investigation into this matter. He strongly recommended Zhang Yiqi, who had been idle for fifteen years, to manage the Qingyun Division. The King of Tang promised on the spot. Zhang Yiqi brought courtesy overnight to thank Li Peiyan for his recommendation. Zhang was afraid that Li Yu would support Hun Yuan as Prince. Li Peiyan immediately became angry and scolded him that these words showed disrespect.

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