Kris Wu was Shot by Laser Pen?

When Kris Wu (Yifan) performed “Big Bowl and Wide Noodle” on stage, it was suspected that someone was irradiated with a laser pen, which aroused the indignation of fans.


1. The green light appeared in the performances of various artists, including the accompaniment dance of the cxk stage, the performance of Mr. Li Ronghao, and the stage performance of Mr. Da Zhangwei.

2. The shooting position of this beam is in the middle, and no fans are in the stage installation area. It can be inferred that the special effect light may be used for performance, and the position of illumination may be swept to the artist.

3. Knowing from common sense of life, laser pen is characterized by centralization, light spot is small, diameter will not exceed a few millimeters. Whereas the spot area is very large, almost the same size as the palm, such a large area of scattered light can not be generated for laser pen light.

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