Er Gen responded to doubts towards “Three Inches of the World”

Dear friends,

“Three inches of the world” has been created according to my heart.


I have seen many people’s opinions and doubts. Frankly speaking, it is impossible not to be affected.

Fortunately, after almost every book has been opened over the years, I have to go through these experiences. Fortunately, I have basically adhered to my own creation in every book, and with the support of all of you, I have made remarkable achievements.

In retrospect, “Renegade Immortal” was scolded by countless people. I persisted under strong pressure and wrote the story I wanted to write. Every time I mentioned it, I missed Wang Lin.


“Pursuit of the Truth” was scolded more at the beginning, some people said that my ears were out of order, some people said that what I wrote was in a mess, some people said that it was garbage books or pirated books not worth reading. It was not appreciated by countless people, I was under great pressure, but I still insisted on my story, after writing, some people described  “Pursuit of the Truth” as the peak of my life.


Looking back on  “A will Eternal”, even more so, you may have memories, all kinds of doubts are overwhelming. Deputy editor Wang Ping knows, at that time, I was under great pressure, indescribable, I even thought I was going crazy at that time. Bite my teeth, stick to my creation, step by step down, after writing, some people say that  “A will Eternal” is another peak of my writing career, tens of millions of collections, hundreds of thousands of subscriptions.


Now, so many doubts towards “Three Inches of the World” appear.

Each of my books is trying to take a different road, because I have not been unchanged. I have been writing books for ten years, I think I can still write books!

You know, it’s a kind of suffering. If I’m a little unstable in these doubts, maybe I’ve given up my inner way of writing in the last ten years.

Fortunately, I learned tenacity from my protagonists, so I insisted.

I have full confidence in myself, especially in “Three inches of the world”, because this is another attempt for me to integrate immortality, devil seeking, emotions, blood, magnificence, relaxation into a new road.

It’s a difficult road, but I’m still on it!

Er Gen

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