Chinese fan bought 23 million won gifts for a Korean anchorwoman

A Chinese fan bought 23 million won (equal to 140K CNY) gifts for Korean anchorwoman. She cried and stood up and bowed!

Hyeziu is a Korean anchorwoman. She is very outstanding in appearance and modest in manner.

One day, a Chinese fan came to her net live. The Chinese fan fell in love with hyeziu at a glance. He said he liked hyeziu. Then the anchorwoman just said, “If you like me, please buy me some gifts.”

To her surprise, the Chinese fan is a rich people. His first shot is 30,000 balloons.

At that time, hyeziu was shocked. However, before she could respond, this rich people bought a series of gifts, and hyeziu cried directly.

What is more surprising is that in the following live broadcast, the fan’s gifts never stopped, and finally he bought hyeziu 23 million won gift.

It’s no wonder that hyeziu cried excitedly, even stood up and bowed. Her sincere performance won the respect of other fans.

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