IKEA responds to the phenomenon of consumers lying: You are very welcome to come to IKEA for a rest

IKEA is famous for its fashionable design of household furniture. In addition, the phenomenon of “consumer lying” has also made IKEA the focus of attention.


According to media reports, IKEA receives a group of “special” guests every day, some of whom sleep on beds and sofas with price tags, and some of them not only sit down, but also take off their shoes and cross their legs, as if they were in their living room.

On August 22, the president of IKEA China said that IKEA was glad to see people come to IKEA to rest. IKEA hoped to create a place for people and friends to gather and give consumers a very pleasant experience.

Some people believe that IKEA provides an open experience environment to encourage customers to sit down and lie down for a while without making a fuss. Some people also believe that, no matter what kind of reason, the store is after all a public space, everyone needs to behave.


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