What is the relationship between Chu Feng, Ye Fan and Shi Hao?

“The Perfect World”, “Shrouding the Heavens” and “Sacred Ruins” are a series of trilogy. According to the order of the author’s writing, “Shrouding the Heavens” is the earliest, “The Perfect World” is the second, and “Sacred Ruins” is the third. According to the timeline of the series, “The Perfect World” is the earliest, “Shrouding the Heavens” is the second and “Sacred Ruins” is the last.


There are three main characters in the trilogy: Shi Hao, Ye Fan and Chu Feng. Readers all know that although the three protagonists live in different times and differ from each other by one or even several eras, there is a transcendental link between them, which the author has hinted at many times. For example, in “The Perfect World”, Ye Fan can’t show his true face after transferring Shi Hao’s era. And, for example, Chu Feng and Ye Fan are very much like the brother of the Hen Ren Emperor…


Chapter 1415 of “Sacred Ruins” confirmed this point. This time, instead of hinting, the author simply uses the words of the Hen Ren emperor. In this chapter, the Hen Ren emperor first met Chu Feng. She was surprised at Chu Feng’s origin, sighed “another life…”, and then she was moved by Chu Feng’s appearance.


The Hen Ren Emperor was moved by Chu Feng’s appearance, naturally because he looked like Ye Fan, or his brother. Her sigh of “going out twice” was that Shi Hao and Ye Fan both came out of the earth. These two points are certain. However, there are two explanations for her sigh of “another life”.


First, the subject of “another life” is a person, that is, someone has begun a new life. Second, the subject of “another life” is the earth, that is, the earth has begun a new life. If it’s the former, Shi Hao, Ye Fan and Chu Feng are one’s samsara. If it’s the latter, Shi Hao, Ye Fan and Chu Feng are fellow countrymen.

The three bronze coffins run through the trilogy. Shi Hao is sitting on a it, Ye Fan is lying in it, and Chu Feng will get one in the future. We can be sure that the connection of the three protagonists might be hidden in three incarnations. So, does the word “III” refer to a person’s III or the Earth’s III?

There is no real reincarnation in the world of trilogy. If “the third generation” is a person’s third generation, this person must be carrying out the “Great Dream for a long time” (in “Shrouding the Heavens”, Ye Fan reincarnated the “Great Dream for a long time” from one generation to another, and each generation experiences the world in a different identity.). The same trick happened, Chu Feng said in Chapter 1415, “Chuangtzu Dreams Butterfly or Butterfly Dreams Chuangtzu”.

However, the above speculation is unlikely to come true, because this will irritate fans: both Shi Hao and Ye Fan have a considerable number of fans. Fans do not want their favorite characters to become other people’s dreams. Therefore, the most probable hypothesis is that the “reincarnation of the third generation” is only the reincarnation of the earth, and has nothing to do with specific characters. That is to say, Shi Hao, Ye Fan and Chu Feng are just fellow countrymen.

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  1. This was pretty useful tbh. I really wanna know what’s going on between the 3 series because the only thing they’re connected by are the coffins. It’s still not clear yet so let’s hope the sacred ruins explains it clearly.

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