Jackson Wang (Jiaer) fell off from stage in Melbourne

On August 25, the GOT7 group held a concert in Melbourne. Wang Jiaer (Jackson Wang), one of its members, accidentally stepped in the air and fell off the stage.

At that time, Wang Jiaer was interacting with the audience below the stage. He wanted to step off the stage and get closer to the fans, but he didn’t expect to step in the air and fall down.

It turned out that Wang Jiaer stepped on a black cloth, which was empty under it, which led to the accident. Many netizens blame the organizer. Clearly, the empty space is covered with a black cloth, but there is no notice beside it, and the singer is not informed in advance. This is nothing different from a “trap”.

When Wang Jiaer fell off the stage, his fans were very worried. And the staff beside him immediately ran to him. Wang Jiaer laid on the ground for a while before he got up slowly. He waved to his fans not to worry.

Wang Jiaer was very dedicated, and still insisted on finishing the concert after standing up.

We sincerely hope Wang Jiaer will recover soon.

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