In “Sacred Ruins” and “Shrouding the Heavens”, Two realms are inverted

The mainstream cultivation system in “Shrouding the Heavens” is the Secret Realm Method initiated by Shi Hao. This system is focusing on the development of the “secret power” in the body. Therefore, the cultivators who practise the “Secret Realm Law” can be upgraded to become immortals even in the “Last Law Era” .

Before becoming immortals, cultivators who practise the “Secret Realm Law” need to cultivate the five Secret Realms to perfection.

The Realms are:

Wheel and Sea Realm
1. Sea of Bitterness
2. Spring of Life
3. Divine Bridge
4. Paramita

Dao Palace Realm
1. Heart’s Divine Depository
2. Lung’s Divine Depository
3. Liver’s Divine Depository
4. Spleen’s Divine Depository
5. Kidney’s Divine Depository

Four Pole Realm
1. First Heavenly Layer
2. Second Heavenly Layer
3. Third Heavenly Layer
4. Fourth Heavenly Layer

Dragon Transformation Realm
This realm is composed of nine changes.

Immortal Platform Realm
1. Half-Step Supreme Being
2. Supreme Being
3. Supreme King
4. Half-Step Saint
5. Saint
6. Saint King
7. Great Saint
8. Quasi-Emperor
9. Great Emperor



The cultivators who practice to the first layer of Immortal Platform Realm are called “half-step great power”. The cultivators who practice to the second layer are called “great power”.

Daneng, literally interpreted as the meaning of “great power”, is regarded as the name of the cultivators of Immortal Platform Realm 2nd Layer in “Shrouding the Heavens”, but it seems to be so inappropriate. Because in the middle and late period, the cultivators of Immortal Platform Realm 2nd Layer were all ants at the bottom of the cultivation world. This leads to the suspicion that the author has changed the outline: maybe the author did not want to divide so many Realms, just write and write, and can’t take it away?

In “Sacred Ruins”, the term “great power” appears again. However, this time the “great power” is no longer a “ant”, but a strong man next only to the “cosmic” cultivator.

The system of cultivation in “Sacred Ruins” is different from “Shrouding the Heavens”. The so-called “breathing method” is to realize its own cultivation by means of “rare flowers” and “treasured fruits”.

“Dayu class” (cosmic) is equivalent to the quasi-emperor and the emperor in “Shrouding the Heavens”. “Daneng” is equivalent to “Great Sage” in “Shrouding the Heavens”.

However, The “Great Sage” in “The Sacred Ruins” is just the “ant” in the eyes of the strong. The two Realms are completely reversed.

Is the author intentional or unintentional?

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