TV Drama “Nightfall” Season 1 Episode 4 Plot

Zhang Yiqi panicked and knelt down to express his loyalty to Li Peiyan. Li Peiyan couldn’t help laughing. Zhang Yiqi vowed to be loyal to Li Peiyan forever. Li Peiyan reminded him to take the opportunity to expand the territory of Qingyun Division. The next day, Zhang Yiqi took office proudly. Chang Siwei took him around to inspect. Zhang Yiqi ordered to clean up the lane next to the Qingyun Division and expand the yard of the Division. Chang Siwei reminded him that the lane belonged to Fish Dragon Gang. He had better say hello to Chao Xiaoshu, but Zhang Yiqi went his own way.

Zhang Yiqi sent Chang Siwei with the Qingyun Division to post a notice, forcing all the people in this lane to move out within three days. Chao Xiaoshu came. Chang Siwei was so frightened that he turned around and ran. Chao Xiaoshu let people guard at both ends of the lane, intending to play with Zhang Yiqi well. Cui Delu immediately came to report to his master. He sent Cui Delu to help the Qingyun Division to get rid of the Chao Xiaoshu. When necessary, he could send cultivators to create chaos. In fact, the master of Cui Delu was Chongming, the prince of Yan State. In that year, the king of Tang personally led the army to defeat Yan State. Chongming came to Tang State as a hostage. From then on, he vowed to revenge.

Ning Que took Sang Sang to the capital city. Despite the customs clearance documents, he was questioned by the guards at the gate of the city. At the same time, the Fourth Master of the Fish Dragon Gang was going to enter the city, the guards were respectful to the Fourth Master. Ning Que and Sang Sang entered the city in disorder. Soon they came to Zhu Que Street in the city. Suddenly, the sky was cloudy and raining heavily. Sang Sang hurried to hold up an umbrella for him. Ning Que suddenly felt heartbreak, and Sang Sang felt cold all over. They were close together. At that moment, suddenly after the rain, the pain in Ning Que’s chest disappeared, and Sang Sang would not feel cold any more.

The second gentleman of the Academy, Jun Mo, came to Siguo Cliff to think about the past, just as the elder brother Li Manman came here to see him. They could not help sighing that Jun Mo dared to fight against his own destiny. They looked forward to the next person who came. Li Manman claimed that he had already perceived that the person would soon appear. Ning Que took Sang Sang to Zengfu’s door and saw that there was no one here for a long time. Everywhere there was weeds. Ning Que couldn’t help recalling the happy days when he was a child. Sang Sang gave the beggars some money at the door. They left quietly. Zhuo Er hid aside and found Ning Que.

Li Huiyuan, the third prince of Tang State, sang and played shadow games in the palace. When Li Yu came back suddenly, Li Huiyuan was overjoyed. At once, he asked people to perform shadow plays for her. Li Yu stopped him immediately and taught Li Huiyuan how to be enterprising. Li Huiyuan immediately sent all those people away and made an excuse to run away. Li Yu was very distressed. Hua Shanyue gave her good advice.

Li Yu was preparing to change her clothes. Li Peiyan came to see Li Yu personally. They were in tears with excitement. Li Peiyan was distressed that Li Yu was too thin. He also blamed himself for not protecting her. Li Yu remembered that she had asked to marry King of Golden Tents in order to prevent the King of Tang from marrying Xia Tian. The King of Tang taught Li Yu severely and married her to King of Golden Tents in a hurry. Li Peiyan persuaded her to visit King of Tang, Li Yu was angry with him, thinking that only Xia Tian was in his heart.

When King of Tang learned that Li Yu had returned safely, he also wanted to see her. But he was afraid that Li Yu would blame him for the past. Xiao Tian sent a letter to Li Yu, letting her take Xiao Man into the palace tomorrow.

Zhuo Er followed Ning Que and Sang Sang all the way. Ning Que found someone to follow him and fight with him. Ning Que saw the leather rope on Zhuo Er’s hand. He could not help thinking that people in the village had been killed when they were young. They escaped and became brothers. They witnessed with the leather rope on their hands. Sang Sang was also rescued on the way to escape. Sang Sang was still a baby then, hiding in the big umbrella at that time. Because she had the birthmark of mulberry leaves on her body, they named her Sang Sang, who is now fifteen years old. Zhuo er invited Ning Que and Sang Sang to eat sour noodles.

Ning Que clearly told Zhuo Er that he came to the Academy solely for Xia Hou, who had led people to slaughter the village, and only those who practiced cultivation could defeat him. Zhuo Er let Ning Que take care of Sang Sang. He had followed Xia Hou for a long time and knew his habits like the palm of his hand. In order to revenge him, Zhuo Er not only served in the army, but also entered the Fish Dragon Gang. Ning Que and Zhuo Er agreed to seek revenge for Xia Hou together.

Li Huiyuan was scolded by Li Yu. He scattered all his anger on his followers, tortured them in every way.

Ning Que and Sang Sang were out of money. They could not stay in the inn, so they slept in the street. Sang Sang suggested that Ning Que sell his calligraphy for a living. Chao Xiaoshu came to Zhuo Er overnight and asked him if he was a member of the army. Zhuo Er confessed and offered to hand over his sword at his waist so that Chao Xiaoshu could kill him.

Chao Xiaoshu asked Zhuo Er to continue to be a spy in the army. He gave the portrait of a masked man to a Zhuo Er and asked him to find it out.

Li Yu returned to the palace with Xiao Man. She could not help thinking of all the favors of King of Tang when she was a child. Li Yu’s feelings were mixed. The King of Tang valued these as treasures. Even Li Yu’s clothes and the words she wrote when she was a child were well kept. The King of Tang also hoped that she would grow up happily like the daughter of ordinary people. If someone dared to bully Li Yu, he would beat their back decisively.

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