TV Drama “Nightfall” Season 1 Episode 5 Plot

The King of Tang sincerely apologized to Li Yu, hoping to keep her around and watch her healthy and happy every day. She was moved to tears and pleaded with him to release Xia Hou. Because Xia Hou held a heavy army and took charge of the Northern Wei Army, if he stayed in the capital, it would surely make the people of the Golden Tents take advantage of this opportunity.

Sang Sang carefully selected the cheapest shop in the capital, let Ning Que open a shop here to sell calligraphy. Ning Que was satisfied.

Li Huiyuan played in the palace with his younger brother, Xiaoliuzi. He hit Xiaoliuzi hard for a sachet. The king of Tang and Li Yu passed by and saw that. The king of Tang taught Li Huiyuan a lesson.

After the unremitting efforts of Sang Sang and Ning Que, their shop opened formally.

Li Yu reminded Li Huiyuan to be careful everywhere in the future, not to do things that King hated, always remember to revenge for his mother and queen. The next morning, Xia Hou was released. He immediately left the capital and returned to his residence. Li Yu sewed a sachet overnight.

Ning Que took Sang Sang to cosmetics store early in the morning, but she could not afford to waste money. Ning Que paid. Sang Sang was happy and looked forward to becoming a little better.

When Li Yu heard that Prince Chongming of Yan State was seeking pleasure with girls, she came to see him immediately. Chongming, who had been in high spirits when he first came to Tang State, was now so decadent. Chongming claimed that he was incompetent. He even could not protect his beloved Li Yu. Li Yu encouraged Chongming to strive hard to return to Yan State to regain his own sovereignty. Chongming was already frustrated.

Longqing traveled to the hinterland of the Arctic wasteland and saw the wizards leading the people here holding torches to pray for the King of Underworld to save them, but Longqing felt that the light was not extinguished and that Haotian would last forever. The next morning, Longqing personally killed the wizard in the wilderness. Zi Mo saw this scene and fought against Longqing. His secret task was to kill Longqing. Unexpectedly, the wizard suddenly woke up and sucked the Spirit Qi of Zi Mo. Then he fell to the ground and died. Zi Mo only wanted to die, but Longqing spared him no death. Zi Mo thanked him. Later, Zi Mo tore open the wizard’s back clothes and found that there was a map about Devil Sect Mountain Gate. Longqing asked Zi Mo to take the map to Luo Kedi. He wanted to see the real Eternal Night. Zi Mo begged him not to go back to Xiling. Luo Kedi aimed at him everywhere, and there was the whole Judgment Division behind him. Longqing was not afraid. He promised to see him again at Xiling.

Ning Que took Sang Sang for a stroll in the street, just saw Yan Se, the master of the Southern Gate of Haotian Dao, swapping words for sugar gourds. Sang Sang also wanted to eat sugar gourds. Ning Que quickly wrote calligraphy on the sand table. Before Yan Se responded, he took a bunch of sugar gourds and went away with Sang Sang. Yan Se was surprised to find that Ning Que was the heir he had been looking for. Zhuo Er was surrounded by soldiers in an alley. He rose up and resisted. He was badly wounded. Zhuo Er escaped to find Ning Que, but no one opened the door. Seeing that the soldiers had arrived, Zhuo Er had to hide the leather rope in the cabbage pile. Zhuo Er was killed on the spot and his body was dragged away.

Ning Que returned to his residence to find blood stains on the door, and saw a group of soldiers passing by carrying the body of Zhuo Er. Ning Que was depressed by his heart’s sorrow and quietly took Sang Sang home. That night, Sang Sang found the leather rope and a paper bag left by Zhuo Er in the cabbage pile. Ning Que rushed out with the paper bag and go all the way along the bloodstain to the place where Zhuo Er was killed. On the note, the information collected by Zhuo Er painstakingly confirmed that Zhang Yiqi was the one who framed the General’s palace. Ning Que vowed to kill him in revenge for Zhuo Er.

Zhang Yiqi came to the Red Sleeve brothel. Ning Que tracked all the way here according to the clues left by Zhuo Er. He wandered outside the door and met a man who called himself Chu Youxian. At first glance, he saw that Ning Que was the first time to come here to seek girls for fun. He took the initiative to bring him in. Ning Que quietly accompanied Chu Youxian to visit, he took the opportunity to look around for Zhang Yiqi. The boss of Red Sleeve brothel, Jian Dajia, found that Ning Que had a strong aura, so she sent Xiaocao to call him up. Jian Dajia asked about Ning Que’s purpose of arriving in the capital city.

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