They All Built the Celestial Court in “Shrouding the Heavens”

There are three special characters in “Shrouding the Heavens”. They are all very strong in fighting. And they all built the celestial court, but their endings are totally different.


The first one is Desolation’s Heavenly Emperor.

He is one of the protagonists in “The Perfect World”. He also appeared in “Shrouding the Heavens”. He is born for cultivation.

Some people say that his strength is unparalleled. He has defeated five great emperors. It is said that he lived more than two million years.


The second one is Ye Fan, the main character in “Shrouding the Heavens”. He resurrected the celestial court after disaster.

Ye Fan went on the path of immortality cultivation under a strange combination of circumstances.

The third one is Emperor The Venerable. His master is Duan De, an unscrupulous Taoist. Duan De founded the earth palace.

Emperor The Venerable was once killed by Undead Heavenly Sovereign, and later revived by Ye Fan.

Who is the strongest in these three celestial court builders?

Obviously, Emperor The Venerable is the weakest. But as for Ye Fan and Desolation’s Heavenly Emperor, it’s difficult for me to make a judgement.

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