TV Drama “Nightfall” Season 1 Episode 6 Plot

Xiaocao brought Ning Que around in the Red Sleeve brothel. Shuizhuer, a dancer, looks at Ning Que’s handsome appearance and inquires about hime with Xiaocao curiously. Xiaocao declares that Ning Que is the person who wants to take an exam of the Academy. Shuizhuer’s curiosity is even more acute. Xiaocao reminded her to prepare for the difficult patronage and said goodbye to Shuizhuer. Shuizhuer takes the opportunity to tick Ning Que’s chin and praised him greatly.

Chao Xiaoshu sent people to retrieve Zhuo Er’s sword. It was Zhang Yiqi who found out the double spy identity of Zhuo Er and killed him. Chao Xiaoshu blamed himself and vowed to revenge for Zhuo Er.

Ning Que decided to kill Zhang Yiqi tomorrow, but he was unwilling to let the other party die unknown. He wanted to make a reason known to the whole world. Sang Sang suggested that he write a poem. The next night, Ning Que ambushed in the Red Sleeve brothel and took the opportunity to enter Zhang Yiqi’s room to kill him for revenge. Zhang Yiqi was so frightened that he begged for mercy. He was the chief judge of the murder of General Lin fifteen years ago. It was Chen Zixian who framed General Lin’s collaboration with the enemy and treason against the country. Chen Zixian is now an iron smith. Yan Suqing cut off General Lin’s finger and pressed it on the forged letter.

Zhang Yiqi pretended to be dead. Ning Que just wanted to use water to wake him up. Zhang Yiqi took the opportunity to slip away. Zhang Yiqi tripped over the threshold, fell dead on the spot.

Li Peiyan was furious when he heard the news. He took great pains to pull Zhang Yiqi into the military headquarters, but unexpectedly he died suddenly. Cui Delu claimed that someone had seen Chao Xiaoshu entered Red Sleeve brothel at the time of the incident and felt that it had something to do with him.

Li Peiyan immediately came to Chao Xiaoshu for verification, pointing out to his face that his Fish Dragon Gang had been controlling escorting, shipping, and had not put the Army Department in mind at all. In the past, it was possible to keep well water from breaking the river water, but now it is different. Now when Li Yu comes back, it involves the throne contest between Queen Cui’s orphan and Queen Xia’s son, reminding Li Peiyan to choose which dog to be. He claimed that he was only his own master, and Chao Xiaoshu had to be a dog. Chao Xiaoshu made it clear that Tang State was not Li Peiyan’s private asset. He would not listen to anyone’s arrangement, nor would he be anyone’s dog, and then he left without looking back.

Wang Jinglue, a cultivator, told Li Peiyan that he had felt as if Chao Xiaoshu would die this evening. As Wang Jinglue had expected, Chongming wearing a mask ordered Cui Delu to kill Chao Xiaoshu this evening. At the same time, Hua Shanyue reported to Li Yu that the military department will attack Fish Dragon Gang and kill Chao Xiaoshu this evening, and let the Yulin Army cooperate. The commander of the operation was Wang Jinglue. Li Yu asked Hua Shanyue to help Fish Dragon Gang out of the siege. She would also report the matter to King of Tang.

Fish Dragon Gang called all the people to worship the flag and return to rescue the Chao Xiaoshu. At the same time, Chao Xiaoshu came to Ning Que in the heavy rain. He saw that Ning Que was having dinner with Sang Sang. Chao Xiaoshu reminded Ning Que that his good brother Zhuo Er had been killed and that something would happen tonight. All his brothers had other things to do. He needed Ning Que’s help.

Ning Que was soon ready to go. He took all his weapons and left in the rain with Chao Xiaoshu. As expected, when they arrived at Chunfeng Pavilion, two groups of people blocked them. All the strong men around him were retired from the military headquarters and were not weak.

At the same time, the people of the Fish Dragon Gang went to smash Uncle Cat and Lao Meng’s fields separately. Unexpectedly, Wang Jinglue led people to capture Chang Siwei, a traitor who was planted by Chao Xiaoshu in the Qingyun Department. Liu Wu and Fei Liu of the Horse Camp were also subdued by Cui Delu. Lao Meng decided that no one would come to rescue Chao Xiaoshu tonight. Only then did he recognize that Chao Xiaoshu was a great swordsman. He attacked each other by stirring up water waves. Uncle Cat’s people were all killed. Chao Xiaoshu and Ning Que won a great victory.

Chao Xiaoshu handed Ning Que a veil to let him cover his face and never be recognized. They entered the palace side by side. On the front floor stood the commander, who was also the one who killed Zhuo Er. He came from Jiange Pavilion. Chao Xiaoshu claimed that the commander had killed Zhuo Er.

The commander ordered all the soldiers to shoot arrows together and turn their swords into countless swords at Chao Xiaoshu. The soldiers upstairs flew down and fought fiercely with them. Ning Que tightly guarded the body of Chao Xiaoshu, and using his thoughts, Chao Xiaoshu beat the commander to ashes. Ning Que felt exhausted.

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