“The King’s Avatar” burst into flames and ended with Jiang Long performing “Huang Shaotian”

August 30, adapted from Butterfly Blue’s book of the same name, directed by November, (Yang Yang, Jiang Shuying, Jiang Long and many other powerful actors starring in the youth inspirational hot-blooded drama) “The King’s Avatar” ended.

At the end of the night, the plot climaxed and many praises were received. Jiang Long played the role of “Huang Shaotian”, the God of competition. That evening, Jiang Long released a long micro-blog message saying goodbye.


Jiang Long, as a popular character in the well-known IP “The King’s Avatar”, has attracted much attention since the beginning of TV Drama. “Garbage words” were also vividly performed by Jiang Long, almost every time. Appearance makes the audience laugh, fans scream.

From the pre-professional competition, to the record-breaking battle with the leading actor Ye Xiu (by Yang Yang ), Jiang Long’s performance runs through the characteristics of Huang Shaotian’s fast-paced and changeable “garbage words”. He becomes a highlight of “The King’s Avatar”.


For the first time, Jiang Long’s brilliant voice also amazed the fans and the audience of “The King’s Avatar”. His excellent lyrics performance and 46-character super-long Title “Night Rain Dingling Summer Long” matched Huang Shaotian’s “Talkative” characteristics perfectly.

Butterfly Blue, the original author, praised him on social media. In fact, this is not the first time that Jiang Long has shown his musical talent. As early as in 2017, he also sang the leading song “Walker” in “A Ten Thousand Years’Journey to the West” with Huang Zitao.


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