Why did “The King’s Avatar ” IP miss the “Peak Glory” when it first made the big screen?

If we want to say which IP gets lots of attention nowadays, “The King’s Avatar ” undoubtedly ranks among them. Just as the reality TV drama series “The King’s Avatar” (adapted from the novel) was popular on the video website, a big animation film “Peak Glory of The King’s Avatar” adapted from the IP was also officially released in movie. Behind it, there were many big companies such as Yuewen, Wanda and Rongchuang. However, “The Peak Glory of a The King’s Avatar” missed expectation.


“Peak Glory of The King’s Avatar” has made a cumulative box office of 80.1 million yuan and 2.68 million viewers. It’s a big miss!

Among the fans of “The King’s Avatar “, there is a voice saying that after adjusting the content of the film, the contradiction of the plot is not warm, and the climax of the plot is very short, while the scenes that can be simply skipped are extended. Many characters are very thin, which leads to the problem of the plot rhythm. And the audience’s mood is difficult to be synchronized. Basically, it is like watching a summary of “The King’s Avatar”.

For those who have never been exposed to “The King’s Avatar “, many people are bewildered after watching the film. Especially those who don’t know much about the background. It’s not only difficult to understand the settings of each role, but also the plot gives a kind of strange feeling, which makes them confused.

But it is undeniable that “The King’s Avatar ” IP still has its own value.

In 2011, the novel “The King’s Avatar ” began to be updated on Qidian website. It has been recommended by 5.612 million people. It ranked 12th in the “IP Value List of 2017 Cat Movie Hurun Original Literature” . “The King’s Avatar “, which was highly praised by many fans, has since entered the road of all-round development.

“It’s not difficult to run an IP, but it’s not easy to run an IP well.” In the view of Xu Shan, an investment analyst, cultural companies such as movies, TV and games can excavate more value by choosing the path of developing IP works. But it needs to be planned in an orderly way, and pay close attention to the changes of market environment and audiences at all times.

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