Sun Wukong killed 1000 hunters. Why can he still become a Buddha?

Sun Wukong killed 1000 hunters. Why can he still become a Buddha?

Monkey King could not contain sand in his eyes. As long as he found that mortals did evil things, he would end them with a golden cudgel.

Monkey king was very angry and killed 1000 hunters at one time. However, he still became the fighting Buddha of Ling Mountain.

Buddhists are most concerned about compassion. They are reluctant to step on an ant on the road. Monkey king’s practice runs counter to the love and peace publicized by Ling Mountain. Is it just because Tathagata promised him that he would become a buddha no matter what he did?

This probability should not be too high. At the beginning, Guanyin promised Monk Sha to resume his original post in Heaven Court in the future. But this promise was never realized. Tathagata can break promise at any time, and his men won’t say anything. What’s more, Wukong’s arrival has had an impact on Ling Mountain.

After Wukong was driven back to Huaguo Mountain by his master again, he was welcomed by a group of poor dirty monkeys. Before he left Huaguo Mountain, these monkeys were alive and kicking, but now the quality of life had deteriorated sharply in the past 500 years.

Seeing the king who has disappeared for hundreds of years, the monkeys burst out a fanatical tears in their eyes, as their great savior has arrived.

The monkeys chattered around Wukong, from the six brothers of Mei Mountain who set fire to Huaguo Mountain to the hunters who came to find fault with them. They all told Wukong that they hoped the king would do justice for them.

Wukong doesn’t act immediately about the six brothers of Mei Mountain for the time being. However, he can’t sit idly by and ignore these hunters.

The little monkeys told Wukong: The hunters killed those of us who were shot by arrows. The hunters peeled them, boiled them with sauce, steamed them with vinegar, fried them with salt and served them as meals. The hunters let them perform monkey tricks on the street.

In Wukong’s eyes, these hunters are really evil. Even if the monkeys don’t have the ability to protect themselves, they shouldn’t do these excessive actions to them. How much pain should these monkeys bear before they die?

Considering this, monkey king didn’t suppress his born nature. When the hunters rushed to Huaguo Mountain to catch the monkeys again, monkey king killed 1000 hunters at one time with a golden cudgel.

The reason why he escaped punishment is very simple.

Before Wukong returned to Huaguo Mountain, the hunters had countless opportunities to correct, but they kept their own attitude and still chose to attack the monkeys. The Buddha said that we need to love all sentient beings. The monkeys in Huaguo Mountain are also sentient beings. They are also creatures in the world and should be sheltered.

At the beginning of a person, his nature is good. Kindness is certainly a good quality, but he can’t be too kind. Some villains will become good, while others will continue their malice.

According to Tathagata, although Wukong is wrong, there are traces to follow and his action can be forgiven. In other words, the golden cudgel is the treasure of merit and virtue. It has neutralized Wukong’s killing sin, and Monkey King can naturally become a Buddha.

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