Zhenyuanzi is not afraid of Tathagata. Why is he respectful to Guanyin?

Zhenyuanzi should be a relatively free immortal in the three realms. His base camp is Wuzhuang Guan. He guards a ginseng fruit tree. The gods respect him. The monsters are afraid of him. Even Guanyin has to weigh his identity. However, Zhenyuanzi is not afraid of Tathagata, but he is respectful to Guanyin.

Before Tang Monk and disciples arrived at Wuzhuang Guan, Zhenyuanzi had already taken the invitation letter to find The Primeval Lord of Heaven to study together. Only Qingfeng and Mingyue were left to accommodate the guests. The two boys gave two ginseng fruits to Tang Monk according to Zhenyuanzi’s words. Tang Monk was timid seeing the fruit in the shape of a child, he almost escaped from the Wuzhuang Guan that night.

Qingfeng and Mingyue saw that the monk of unknown origin was so ungrateful and didn’t insist. They divided the ginseng fruit privately. As the saying goes, the wall has ears. Bajie and Sha Monk listened to the movement inside and saw it bit by bit. They asked brother monkey to steal the fruit. They stole four ginseng fruits, and one fell into the soil because Wukong was inexperienced.

Qingfeng and Mingyue counted the fruits in the courtyard and found that four were missing. The suspect were Tang Monk and disciples. Wukong was in a confrontation. He was monkey like and pushed down the ginseng fruit tree. They escaped from Wuzhuang Guan overnight and were caught back by Zhenyuanzi. After they were punished, brother monkey didn’t repent, ran again with his master, and finally was caught again.

This time, Zhenyuanzi finally said cruel words to Wukong: “I know your ability, and I know your reputation, but you are unreasonable and deceptive. Even if you have magic, you can’t get rid of me. Even you become buddha, you have to pay back my ginseng and fruit trees! “

Zhenyuanzi said that he was not afraid of Tathagata. He must take Wukong to confront Tathagata. It seems that he was not afraid of Tathagata at all. However, when he saw Guanyin who followed Wukong to save the tree, he immediately bowed down.

Why has Zhenyuanzi changed so much?

Because when facing Tathagata, Zhenyuanzi was the plaintiff and Sun Wukong was the defendant. As a victim, Zhenyuanzi naturally had something to say.

He saluted Guanyin out of consideration of his status. It’s reasonable. In ancient times, people paid most attention to etiquette, and Zhenyuanzi had no problem doing so.

Zhenyuanzi would rather sacrifice ginseng fruit trees, but also want to find a backer for himself outside freedom and independence to help Wuzhuang Guan last thousands of generations. He is smart.

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