Zhu Bajie (Eight Rules) is good for nothing. Why can he be Marshal Tianpeng in the heaven court?

Zhu Bajie’s image in the Journey to the West is not too positive. Even, people once had the illusion that he is good for nothing. He can only eat, drink and seduce beautiful women.

How did he become Marshal Tianpeng at the beginning? Is it because that the threshold for immortality is lowered?

As everyone thought, a lazy pig can’t create any value or miracle. The most obvious state of life he shows is decadence. In fact, before becoming an immortal, Zhu Bajie himself didn’t have much self-confidence.

Zhu Bajie told Sun Wukong that since he was born, he was clumsy, greedy and lazy. If he could sit, he would not stand, and if he could lie down, he would not sit. He didn’t possess any ancestral magic. At most, he is a kindergarten student in the cultivation world. Suddenly one day, a real immortal passed by at the door of his house. The immortal sat down, He gently told Bajie that he should not be greedy in the world, let alone want to re-enter a good fetus. Now, there is an excellent opportunity, as long as he practices with the immortal to ensure rebirth.

However, Bajie didn’t know that after the immortal gave him nine immortal pills, the rest needs to be explored by Bajie himself. Whether he can change his fate depends on how much effort he is willing to make. Finally, He made great efforts in his eight meridians, and finally rose to become an immortal.

Bajie was favored by Jade Emperor on the first day after he went to heaven. Before Bajie was ready, the position of Marshal Tianpeng fell into his hands. The river in the heaven is calm for a while under his management. Therefore, in terms of managing people, Bajie is also kind of an expert, but he doesn’t show it.

However, even if Bajie’s performance on the way to get scriptures is not satisfactory, his credit should not be denied.

Moreover, although Bajie didn’t have many dazzling highlights, his performance was remarkable. Countless big demons and small demons were killed by him along the way.

And as everyone knows, he made lots of scenes in the Journey to the West. Those episodes made the entire journey quite funny.

If a person wants to get a better future, what he needs is to make continuous efforts and strive for it. On the way of struggle, there may be various obstacles. After crossing the past, his future is bright. If you can’t survive, just think about Zhu Bajie. His experience from worthless to becoming Marshal Tianpeng is really inspirational.

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