Red boy’s father maybe someone else?

The ancients often used the method of blood identification to distinguish relatives. In modern times, people use DNA. Then, how should we distinguish whether it is a biological father and son in the demon world?

In the Journey to the West, there was a father and son with problems. Some people speculated that red boy was not the biological son of Ox Demon King, and his father might be someone else.

Proof 1: the appearance of red boy and the Ox Demon King is not at all similar. The Ox Demon King has two horns on his head, which looks ferocious. On the contrary, red boy has only two little braids on his head, and there is not a single thing that the ox should have all over his body. Even if the Ox Demon King and Princess Iron Fan are genetically neutralized, it should not completely erase the genes of the old ox.

Proof 2: the Ox Demon King has a lot of killing magic. Even the cooperation between Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie didn’t beat him down. Moreover, he is also proficient in 72 changes. Such an expert can make great achievements if he takes an apprentice, let alone teach it to his son. However, red boy didn’t learn some of his skills but learned the samadhi true fire of others.

But, are the ideas above really true?

First of all, the appearance of red boy and his father. In the original book, Ox Demon King’s appearance is: One eye is as bright as a mirror, and two eyebrows are as bright as red neon. The mouth is like a blood basin, and the teeth are arranged in copper plates.

Therefore, the two horns on his head don’t need to be exposed all day. Many immortals or demons can hide their true bodies after they have cultivated to a certain level, and the Ox Demon King is no exception.

Then there is the magic of the Ox Demon King. Red boy is still young, only more than 300 years old. He is still a child in the demon world. He has unlimited possibilities for the future. If the Ox Demon King wants to let red boy inherit his career, he has a lot of time to do that. And red boy now just needs to learn according to his interests and hobbies.

Therefore, red boy is the son of the Ox Demon King. As for the rumor that Lord Lao Zi has something to do with Princess Iron Fan, it’s also not true, because the banana fans in their hands are two banana leaves on a banana tree. They are not the same at all. They belong to Yin and Yang. Lord Lao Zi has not given others banana fans.

Finally, after losing her son and husband, Princess Iron Fan studied and practiced hard. One day, the three of her family were reunited in Ling Mountain.

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