Who is the smartest demon in the Journey to the West?

In the subconsciousness of the public, people always think that people in high positions are the smartest. Therefore, they gradually ignore the people at the bottom. They don’t know that they are the people who hide the most.

The big demons in the Journey to the West always like to show their power. For example, the green bull demon backed by the Lord Lao Zi and the golden wing great roc backed by Tathagata are very complacent. However, in the end, they almost lost everything. If Lord Lao Zi and Tathagata don’t care about them, they won’t even have a chance to return to heaven and Ling Mountain.

In ancient times, there was a peasant uprising by Chen Sheng, Wu Guang, who shouted the slogan “Are the powerful and noble people born with their standing?”, which proved that the low-level figures can also create miracles. They were born in hardship and died in happiness. How many people indulged in luxury, forgot the dangers around them, and finally became defeated. They were held high, and even lost their basic judgment ability, The representative figure is the golden wing great roc.

Golden wing great roc wants to eat Tang Monk and live forever. He fights with Wukong. In order to eliminate future troubles, he is willing to tell Wukong by deception that Tang monk has been eaten and there is no whole body. He never thought that Wukong is also a cruel man. He won’t verify the news too much. Instead, he skips several layers of important evidence and goes directly to Tathagata asking for help.

After accepting Wukong’s complaint, Tathagata personally appeared in Shituo Mountain and took golden wing great roc away by cajoling.

And the same thing happened to the leopard demon. Living in Yinwu Mountain, the leopard demon doesn’t have enough combat power and his brain is not very good. What he is best at is listening to his subordinates’ suggestions and cheating Tang Monk with split plum blossom scheme.

Before catching Tang monk, a little demon jumped out. He told the leopard demon that he could not take Tang Monk. If Tang Monk’s meat was really so easy to eat, it would have been eaten by other demons already. This little demon can be called the person with the most sufficient self-awareness.

The leopard demon asked the little demon that where did he come from.

The little demon told the leopard demon that he ran out of the Shituo Mountain. The golden wing great roc had just been taken away by Tathagata. Even powerful golden wing great roc failed eating Tang Monk. Thus, they, unknown demons, don’t have enough capability to eat Tang Monk. The little demon told these reasoning to the leopard demon.

This little demon of Yinwu Mountain has fully realized his self-awareness.

Never think about things that don’t belong to you. Don’t take chances on one thing.

If the little demon can become a big demon, he will surely be able to dominate.

Sometimes, it’s more difficult for people to have a clear self-awareness. That’s what we need to learn every day.

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