Sun Wukong was named the Protector of the Horses, revealing a big secret of the heavenly court?

Under the arrangement of Great White Planet, Sun Wukong worked in heaven court. Wukong was named the Protector of the Horses by the Jade Emperor. But have you ever thought about where the former Protector of the Horses went?

After monkey king made trouble in the Dragon Palace and Hell, he was sued by the Dragon King of the East China Sea and the King of Hell. The Jade Emperor was angry and vowed to punish monkey king. Great White Planet came out and said that monkey king, a man with great powers, should work for heaven.

The Jade Emperor thought what he said was very reasonable, so he gave Wukong an opportunity. Sun Wukong was named the Protector of the Horses.

After Sun Wukong became the Protector of the Horses, he didn’t slack off for a moment. He worked 24 hours a day. His behavior completely angered the small officials under his management. They told him that the Protector of the Horses was just a very low position. There was no need to work so hard. Wukong felt that the Jade Emperor had cheated him, he hung his official seal and left heaven court to go back to Huaguo Mountain.

The immortal who recommended Wukong only said that there was still a vacancy in the post of the Protector of the Horses. He did not declare that Wukong was the first the Protector of the Horses. Therefore, where did monkey king’s predecessor go?

The first hypothesis is the most likely. Former Protector of the Horses may be demoted to the earth by the Jade Emperor, just like Bajie and Sha Monk.

The second hypothesis is that they thought the position is too low. Like Wukong, they took the initiative to leave.

In contrast, the first hypothesis is a little more likely. Because immortals have a long life span, officials with lower positions can only wait for the old leaders to retire before they can take their place. However, immortals do not retire. The key to keep the position is not to make mistakes. Therefore, their small mistakes are constantly enlarged, and finally, they are denounced and demoted to the earth, and then the informant can take their place.

Immortals like Bajie and Sha Monk who don’t manipulate can’t live at all. Therefore, the dream of Sha Monk’s official restoration is just a dream. How can people abandoned by heaven go back?

By the way, the post of the Protector of the Horses seems insignificant, but they are in charge of war horses. There is no need to say more about the role of war horses in the war. Unfortunately, Wukong was blindfolded by the people under his management.

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