Who is more powerful, Nu Wa or the Queen Mother of the West?

In Chinese myths and legends, Nu Wa is the ancestor of human beings. Her greatest deeds mainly include the following two points: one is to refine stones to make up the sky, and the other is to create human beings with mud. Nuwa and Pangu are Adam and Eve in the East. Of course, their deeds are very different, but their status is the same.

The Queen Mother of the West, in many myths, is the wife of the Jade Emperor and has supreme power. Many immortals in the three realms are afraid of her.

So, as an immortal in the three realms, does Nu Wa have a lower position than the Queen Mother of the West?

In the Fengshen Romance, Nuwa is quite powerful, but there are more powerful gods above. In other myths and stories, Nuwa is also a supreme being. The Queen Mother of the West can’t control Nuwa.

So, what are their positions in the Journey to the West?

When Tang Monk and disciples were in Pingding Mountain, the Silver Horn Great King bragged to Sun Wukong, “there is an old immortal who incarnates Nuwa refining stones to mend the sky…” and this old immortal is Lord Lao Zi. Nu Wa is the embodiment of a man!

As for the Queen Mother of the West, from beginning to end, the author of the Journey to the West never said she was the wife of the Jade Emperor. Monkey King stole flat peaches. When she learned that, she ran to report to the Jade Emperor and even saluted the Jade Emperor. She has a colleague relationship with the Jade Emperor. Her husband is the East Prince.

In the Journey to the West, the Queen Mother of the West is only in charge of the flat peach garden.

But Lord Lao Zi is different. When he goes to heaven, the Jade Emperor will come out to meet him in person. It can be seen that his status is very high.

Therefore, if you want to know whose rank is higher in the Journey to the West? It must be “Nu Wa”. What do you think?

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