Fishing (Short Science Fiction)

Those lines have been floating in the sky for some days.

Sometimes I see some messy things hanging on the line. One day, someone couldn’t help but touch things on the line, he was dragged into the sky by the line and never came back.

So later people stopped touching it.

Recently, gold treasures began to appear on the line. Someone took the risk to take treasures and made a lot of money.

But some people were hung up in the sky and disappeared.

I told myself that no matter what was on the line, I couldn’t touch it. In this way, although the people around me disappear from time to time, I am still safe.

Until one day, I saw that the girl I loved was hung on the line. I hurriedly shouted her name and stretched out my hand to pull her. Just when our fingertips met, I was pulled into the sky by the line.

From mid-air, I saw the girl I loved standing on the ground.

Great, so this one hung on the line is just fake bait.

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