Who is the “most ignorant” demon in the Journey to the West? Wukong let them go. But they asked brother demon for help to take revenge.

Sun Wukong is a monkey demon jumping out of a crack in a stone. However, he himself hates demons. Once a demon is found, the monkey king will kill it with a staff. He rarely shows mercy on the way to get scriptures, except two demons. Both the nine-headed bug demon and the spider demon had been blessed by Wukong and escaped a disaster. However, the spider demon is really a little ignorant.

Throughout the ages, the stories of farmers and snakes, Mr. Dongguo and wolves have been circulating, which can be regarded as a wake-up call for the world. Spider demons did what snakes and wolves did. Wukong is kind enough to let them go. They turned around and take their senior brother to fight the monkey king.

Tang Monk ate too much free food on the road and felt a little uncomfortable in his stomach. Tang Monk finally decided to go out in person. With his handsome face, he must be able to bring back a lot of snacks. Tang Monk stood in front of seven beautiful girls and nervously asked if they had extra food. The spider demons were amused by the monk. After tossing for a while, they tied Tang Monk. They didn’t leave anyone to watch him. The seven spider demons came to Zhuogou spring to take a bath hand in hand.

Wukong realized that something might have happened and didn’t care about food. He went straight to find Tang Monk. In Pansi cave, Wukong looked at the strange shape of his master and almost laughed off his head. Wukong untied his master and looked for the demon.

Wukong ran all the way to Zhuogou spring and saw that their clothes were scattered aside. Wukong wanted to show them the dangers of society. He felt that good men did not fight with women. Therefore, the brother monkey only took their clothes away. When Bajie learned that they were still taking a bath, he rushed to the scene with a rake.

It would be good if Bajie didn’t come. After the pig came, the girls in the water were surprised. After being wronged, the spider demons immediately went to the Yellow Flower Temple to find the centipede demon for help.

The centipede demon invited Tang Monk and disciples to a banquet with toxic ingredients and let them fall on the spot. The thousands of eyes under the centipede demon’s ribs left Wukong nowhere to escape.

So, why does spider demon revenge against Tang Monk and disciples? Wukong actually didn’t try to kill them in Zhuogou spring. Wukong let them go.

Because the spider demons didn’t notice that Wukong let them go. They only saw that Bajie was disrespectful to them, so they took revenge.

Spider demons are dissatisfied with Bajie. Bajie’s behavior led to subsequent problems. When looking at things, we should treat them dialectically. It is most basic not to comment on the whole picture without enough information.

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