Does White Bone Demon really want to eat Tang Monk’s meat? Her target is someone else.

Many people believe that White Bone Demon appeared in front of the Tang Monk three times in order to eat Tang Monk’s meat and live forever. In fact, her goal is for someone else.

White Bone Demon is the monster with the strongest willpower on Tang Monk’s way to get scriptures. In order to eat the meat of the Tang monk, she is willing to take risks again and again. Finally, Wukong gives her an end and kills White Bone Demon with a staff.

When White Bone Demon first appeared, the original book explained the purpose of her appearance. Her family once told her that eating Tang Monk’s meat can live forever. From here, Tang Monk’s meat has miraculous effects and spread throughout the demon world. All passing demons want to taste Tang Monk’s meat.

When White Bone Demon first appeared, she watched with her own eyes that Tang Monk sent Wukong out for alms, leaving only Bajie and Sha Monk with him. At that time, White Bone Demon was still very timid. In her opinion, although Bajie and Sha Monk had lost their status in the heavenly court, their authority and power were not reduced.

However, it was a rare time for Wukong to leave. White Bone Demon changed into a young girl and appeared in front of Tang Monk. She was carrying a basket in her hand. She moved gently in front of the Tang Monk.

At first, Tang Monk was refusing White Bone Demon’s food. Bajie was about to eat. Brother Monkey knocked the food in the basket to the ground, and then identified White Bone Demon with his golden eyes. With a staff, Wukong killed the girl (White Bone Demon). Tang Monk was ready to expel him. He thought it was Wukong’s first offense and kept him for observation for the time being.

White Bone Demon had another plan. She changed into an old woman and asked the Tang monk for her daughter. When Wukong saw the old acquaintance, he didn’t say hello and served her directly with a golden cudgel. Tang Monk saw that Wukong made another evil deed and wanted to expel him again. Finally, Wukong asked him to take off the Golden hoop, and Tang Monk reluctantly forgave him.

According to the calculation of normal people, White Bone Demon should stop coming out to provoke Tang Monk and disciples. However, White Bone Demon changed into an old man to look for his daughter and wife. Wukong can’t bear it. Finally, he completely ended White Bone Demon with a staff. The price is that he was expelled by his master.

From this process, it can be seen that White Bone Demon seems to be purposeful. In other words, from the beginning, her goal is the monkey king. After White Bone Demon was killed, the characters “lady White Bone” appeared on a pile of white bones. These four words should be engraved for her. This person should be Guanyin.

As you know, not like Bajie, monkey king is not interested in women. Therefore, we have the White Bone Demon test to check Wukong’s views on demons, his role in the team, and the cohesion of the whole team. Unfortunately, the team was vulnerable and easily broken up by White Bone Demon.

After this episode, White Bone Demon was relieved to find Guanyin to recover her life and get her due reward by the way.

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