Why is Zhu Bajie afraid of the monkey king, but not Pangu’s son?

The demons in the Journey to the West are afraid of Emperor Zhenwu. The duty of this God is to sweep away demons and guard the north. In short, he is the enemy of demons. However, among the demons, there is a strange pig demon called Bajie, who is not afraid of Emperor Zhenwu at all.

Tang Monk came to Gao Lao Village and learned that there was a demon here. Three years ago, a simple long-term worker came here and worked very hard. He was favored by Gao Taigong and became Taigong’s son-in-law. On the day of his marriage, the strong man showed his true face and turned out to be a fat pig demon. All the guests were scared and fled.

Before Tang Monk and Wukong came to Gao Lao Village, Gao Taigong had hired many monks and Taoists to catch demons. They all returned in vain.

Wukong became the Savior in the eyes of Gao Taigong. He asked brother monkey to help kill the demon.

The top priority of Wukong is to find out the details of the demon. Therefore, before the arrival of the Bajie, Wukong released Miss Gao and changed himself into Gao Cuilan. That night, an evil wind floated over Gao Lao Village and landed in Miss Gao’s courtyard.

Wukong changed to Miss Gao sitting upright first, and then kicked Bajie away at the moment it went to bed. Bajie hurried to coax Miss Gao to be happy and chatted. The topic changed. When it came to Emperor Zhenwu, Bajie told brother monkey in a complacent tone that he was not afraid at all.

Tentatively, Wukong said that Gao Taigong was going to ask the monkey king to kill him. Bajie panicked.

After hearing the name of the monkey king, the demon was afraid and said, “if you say so, I’ll go. We cannot become a couple anymore.” Bajie heard that the monkey king was coming, he was so frightened.

Compared with Emperor Zhenwu emperor, Wukong’s rank is much lower in terms of ability and status. Why did Bajie panic?

Because Bajie did not lie, it is said that Emperor Zhenwu is the son of Pangu, and he is also one of the four saints in the Arctic. But Marshal Tianpeng (Bajie) is also one of the four saints in the Arctic, so their relationship is equivalent to that between colleagues.

In contrast, Sun Wukong made havoc in heaven. Marshal Tianpeng (Bajie) knew the story of the monkey king very well.

Emperor Zhenwu

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