Monkey King’s Greatest Enemy

Sun Wukong has many abilities. He is good at camouflage or the somersault cloud with excellent escape skills. However, while Master Bodhi taught him magic, he also posed a threat to his life.

Monkey King met many demons on his way to get scriptures. Following demons seemed to have the capability to kill him.

The first is the Blue Ox Demon. Wukong relies on the golden cudgel when he goes out. However, after the Blue Ox Demon sucked the golden cudgel with a diamond bracelet, brother monkey was almost in a state of half defense.

Then there is the Golden Wing Great Roc. He is the third king of Shituo Mountain. He has a treasure in his hand called a yin-yang cylinder. As long as the monkey king falls into it, he will be burned. At that time, Wukong felt that the hair was burned. If it weren’t for the three life-saving hairs, there would be a smell of burnt monkey hair in the yin-yang cylinder.

Besides them, there are many other capable demons. The Yellow Wind demon almost blew Wukong’s eyes blind with samadhi divine wind. It is not easy for Wukong to reach Ling Mountain alive.

However, no matter how powerful these demons are, they will only cause certain damage to Wukong. You know, brother monkey has 72 changes and 72 lives.

However, if he falls into another place, it’s useless even if he has 720 lives.

Before Wukong left Bodhi Cave, Master Bodhi set several goals for him: after going out, he should not say his master’s name. Otherwise, Master Bodhi would chase Wukong to the ends of the earth. He would also kill Wukong and demote his soul to the land of Nine Darkness.

On the way to get scriptures, the only one that can open the land of Nine Darkness is Nine Spirits Origin Saint.

Fortunately, Nine Spirits Origin Saint didn’t do that to Wukong. Otherwise, the Tathagata will have to go to the land of Nine Darkness to save Sun Wukong.

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