Home (Short Science Fiction)

Twenty years after the famine in the early 40th century, the Federation ordered my team to carry out a new round of large-scale exploration to find more colonies suitable for the development of agriculture.

I was ordered to fly a spaceship to the unknown depths of the universe, where there was silence.

Loneliness is an instinctive fear.

After leaving the deserted lt-6, the spacecraft detected a weak gravitational field change.

Finally, something interesting came, which made me interested.

Behind a meteorite, a simple little thing was captured.

This is a primitive flying object with gold round metal.

Is there a civilization in the nearby galaxy? It makes me more excited.

After rough analysis by the computer, it is pointed out that the small grooves on the metal disc surface may have been input with civilized audio or video data.

I immediately used the computer to parse and play.

The speaker sent out a piece of classical music. Just when I was amazed, the computer finished parsing.

The tone said,

” Welcome home, Traveler One. “

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