Sun Wukong is not good at water fighting. Why didn’t Master Bodhi help him make up for this shortcoming?

What is the biggest weakness of Wukong? According to his own point of view, he is not good at water fighting.

Some people think that it must be the fault of Master Bodhi. However, it was Wukong who wanted to refuse to learn.

When fighting with Sha Monk, Wukong made the least effort at that time. Wukong didn’t even have the qualification to fight.

The main reason is that Wukong explained in advance that he can go into the water, but he is not good at underwater combat. Just going into the water can’t fundamentally solve the problem. So Bajie had to fight.

When it was his turn to subdue the Nine Headed Insect, Wukong encountered the same problem. He couldn’t fight with the Nine Headed Insect underwater. Finally, it were Bajie and Sha Monk who helped him through this difficulty. It can be seen that being not good at water combat has a great impact on Wukong. In that case, as a mentor, why didn’t Master Bodhi solve this fatal shortcoming for his disciples?

Perhaps Master Bodhi also had this idea. Unfortunately, Wukong didn’t cherish it.

At that time, in the classroom, Master Bodhi asked Wukong if he was willing to learn the magic of Silent Gate. When Wukong heard that it were skills such as Zen meditation and it could not make him live forever, he refused. The master asked whether he was willing to learn the magic of Moving Gate. Wukong asked again whether this could make him live forever. Master Bodhi shook his head.

According to Wukong’s reasoning, if Master Bodhi asked him if he would like to learn how to fight in water, Wukong would certainly ask if he could live forever again. Master Bodhi would shake his head, then brother monkey would certainly not want to learn.

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