Black Bear Demon calls Monkey King the Protector of the Horses. Why does Monkey King praise him instead?

Sun Wukong should be the person who pays the most attention to reputation among monkeys. When he goes out, he has to spread the reputation of Great Sage. However, there is a demon who calls him the Protector of the Horses.

The black history of Wukong’s life is being the Protector of the Horses. At that time, he was young and did the work of raising horses every day. He thought he was superior, but he didn’t know that he had been ridiculed in private by immortals. After that, brother monkey finally thought of the nice name of Great Sage. Unexpectedly, the title as the Protector of the Horses was dug out by the black bear demon.

The black bear demon and the Elder Jinchi in Guanyin Buddhist Temple are close friends. The Elder Jinchi almost killed Tang Monk. The black bear demon took the opportunity to steal Tang Monk’s cassock. When brother monkey knew what the monster had done, he chose to fight in the black bear demon’s home.

Wukong underestimated the black bear demon. He thought that the name of Great Sage was enough to frighten the black bear demon. However, the black bear demon had a wide range of knowledge. He called monkey king the Protector of the Horses.

The black bear demon called Wukong the Protector of the Horses, which was no different from stabbing the horse honeycomb. However, later, there was a startling reversal, and brother monkey praised the black bear demon.

After the two fought, the black bear demon stopped and prepared for the half-time break. Brother monkey took advantage of this to change to Elder Jinchi and became a guest in the Black Wind Cave. Wukong entered the front door and was fascinated by the elegant environment of the Black Wind Cave. He also saw a couplet on the two doors, which said: “there is no vulgar worry in the quiet mountains, and living in the fairy cave is a happy deed.” Wukong secretly said, ” this guy is a demon who gets rid of dirt and knows his life.”

This expressed brother monkey’s appreciation for the black bear demon. In brother monkey’s eyes, ordinary demons are not worthwhile to mention. They are just a group of demons who hide dirt and accept dirt. On the contrary, the black bear demon doesn’t take an ordinary route and has extremely high ideological consciousness.

Black bear demon is as precise as Wukong said. From the couplet in front of his door, the black bear demon seems to be more inclined to the life of a recluse. He doesn’t fight or rob and does his duty well. This cognition really made Wukong sympathize with the black bear demon. Not only in the demon world, but even in the human world, the black bear demon can be called a recluse.

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